who to call for emergency AC service on a sweltering day?

Does anyone know of a group who would come out on a sunday to repair air conditioning service (most likely freon)?

Air Group wont come out until tomorrow....my family is flipping out....do you think anyone would come out TODAY? (sunday, that is)?


No idea re Sunday service but have you tried Custom Air or Speer?

Look on Craigslist

Just saw something from Woolley Fuel about their A/C service.

Have you tried contacting whoever installed the air conditioning?  They are the most likely to respond to an emergency.

Would your utility provider come out?

Maybe a quick stay at a hotel for a night would help

Can you buy a cheap wall unit for one room?

one of the reasons I prefer window/wall units..if one goes out, I can camp in another room....

bedroom has a window unit, portable unit in LR...if bedroom goes out, I can roll portable one into bedroom and camp out in there....

Thank you for ALL of your feedback, but my wife "gently reminded" me that we have PSE&G warranty on many of our appliances - - central air-conditioning being one of them.....I called them up....they told me they'd be over anytime between noon-and-4:00pm.....the guy showed up at 12:30...real nice guy...NO charge for the house call (the other companies wanted $250-$300 just for the visit), NO charge for repairing it (the UNIT fuse was dead...he said that private companies would typically charge around $250 for the 3 fuses)...although it wouldnt surprise me if some unscrupulous companies tried pushing an entire new unit (for $10,000 or so)

So after all is said and done, this disaster ended up costing me ZERO and PSE&G came reasonably quickly

"Smart people" learn from their mistakes - - "wise people" learn from the mistake of others!

follow on questions. Ours just died about an hour ago. We have PSEG worry free for the “furnace” which runs both the heat and the ac. It’s in the attic. Then there’s the ac compressor thingie outside. I don’t have central air worry free. Am I covered? I’m guessing not. Such fun. Up to 93 in here in just about 90 minutes.


So glad you had a happy ending to this crisis.  

And we need a "groan" button for awful puns like Steel's.

I know you resolved, but for reference, Weltman's has weekend service. But I assume they would charge extra, on top of their usual exorbitant rates.

@MapleBri - That's wonderful that you were able to get PSE&G on such short notice. You mentioned that Air Group would not have been able to get there until today - do you have a service contract with Air Group?  I keep my service contract with Air Group, even though they're expensive, because I know that they will be able to come in an emergency. 

I have heard that many times you can't count on PSE&G to be there the same day, even with an emergency. Your experience indicates otherwise - plus, PSE&G doesn't charge for parts and labor. Even with a service contract, Air Group charges for parts and service.  


I did call up Air Group and they very specifically asked me if I had a contract with them. They went on to say that they take care of contract individuals the day of the emergency.... all others they take care of the following day

I suppose therefore, if you have a contract with them then you ARE considered a priority customer... but having this extremely positive experience with PSEG I almost feel compelled to suggest to others to consider getting warranties on ALL their appliances

And yes I also heard a very negative experiences with PSEG.... further surprising me with a pleasant outcome which I had with them

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