Severe thunderstorm Watch (was:Will there be storms?)l 7/31/19

I've gotten a few questions today about afternoon thunderstorms.  There is a good likelihood that there will be thunderstorms in the area.  The atmosphere is growing unstable as a front moves in and through tonight.  There is a slight chance these storms could include a severe storm.  Timing for our area would be from about 3:00 until 10:00 this afternoon and tonight.

However, where exactly these storms track is not certain, and will not be until they actually form.  There are already a few discrete boomers in upstate NY and eastern PA.  

I would take the possibility of rain and thunder (and of course, lightning) into account in your plans but I cannot promise anything more specific.  Sorry.

according to my migraine - there's a good chance of a thunderstorm - it's rarely wrong.

UPDATE:   At this time there is a growing storm heading north on the Turnpike (I kid you not) at about exit 6  right now.  The NWS has issued a general severe thunderstorm watch for the entire region, but there is a decent possibility that we will have a Warning within the next 90 minutes.

The thunderstorm is here in Manhattan now.

AS Tom ^^ points out, the thunder you are currently hearing in MAPSO is from another small but potent storm currently east of us over JC, Hoboken, and the City. That one will not come this way -- the weather is moving from the south.

I'm once again hypnotized by

I can see the storm Tom and Max are referring to. The strikes are all over Jersey City and Staten Island.

(ETA: And I see the other one coming up the NJ Tpk)

sprout said:
I'm once again hypnotized by
I can see the storm Tom and Max are referring to. The strikes are all over Jersey City and Staten Island.
(ETA: And I see the other one coming up the NJ Tpk)

That website is amazing.

I love that map.  The other day there was a huge boom, swear the house shook and the map showed it struck my house.

Severe Thunderstorm Warning

Severe Thunderstorm Warning
Severe Thunderstorm Warning
National Weather Service New York NY
354 PM EDT Wed Jul 31 2019
The National Weather Service in Upton NY has issued a
* Severe Thunderstorm Warning for...  Northwestern Union County in northeastern New Jersey...  West central Essex County in northeastern New Jersey...
* Until 445 PM EDT.
* At 354 PM EDT, severe thunderstorms were located along a line  extending from Chatham to near Martinsville, moving southeast at 30  mph.
  HAZARD...60 mph wind gusts and quarter size hail.
  SOURCE...Radar indicated.
  IMPACT...Minor hail damage to vehicles is possible. Expect wind           damage to trees and power lines.
* These severe thunderstorms will remain over mainly rural areas of  northwestern Union and west central Essex Counties.
For your protection move to an interior room on the lowest floor of a
LAT...LON 4066 7445 4067 7446 4069 7444 4072 7440      4072 7439 4075 7436 4076 7437 4076 7438      4077 7437 4079 7437 4081 7434 4082 7433      4078 7425 4066 7442
TIME...MOT...LOC 1954Z 322DEG 25KT 4073 7439 4063 7453

is that it or is it coming back around? Promised a kid mini golf tonight

Still some activity in the area.

seems fine here (and temps are downright lovely) but mini-golf closed for the night

We were on Long Beach Island today and there were some rumblings, but it didn't storm and it was mostly sunny. Once we got to the Parkway, it was on and off heavy downpours for miles! Difficult drive but we did have a great time on LBI for a couple of days... 

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