Window a/c recommendations

Summer will be here eventually. Right? We don't have central a/c and aren't planning to ever get central a/c. We have been using various hand-me-down air conditioners for the past few years (some are pushing 20+ years old). I'm sure we can get waaaaaay more energy efficient ones, and hopefully some quieter ones as well. Getting new window a/c's is on our list of "big house projects" this year, so I want to figure out how much we'll be spending, and I always get good advice about big house projects here.

So: Window A/C recommendations? It's been a decade since I've purchased one and my god I hope the technology has improved at least somewhat since then. We need a fairly large one for our living room (it's the only one that lives downstairs) and then 3 smaller ones for the bedrooms. I actually love the white noise an a/c can provide in the bedrooms, but I'd love for the big downstairs one to be as quiet as possible, though I know that's a lot to ask for.

Thanks for any recommendations -- AND good places to buy them??

I needed one fast for a small bedroom and Shoprite had a sale: $99. Works great.

Depending on whether you need 230 or 115, I got this one Summer 2013 when I moved here and it has been able to cool my entire 3br home with all doors to rooms open and AC installled in window along the staircase. The only place that is out of reach is my kitchen, but all other rooms get cooled and it is not too noisy:

The bedroom ones will be pretty easy. Really almost any basic one will work. I think we got the one in my older son's room at Home Depot and it works great. I think 5,000-6,000 BTUs is about right for a small bedroom.

It's nice to have some temperature controls, i.e. a programmable thermostat. I don't think a remote is all that useful.

Afa, the correct size is key. Measure your area and buy the appropriate size unit. To big and the compressor will cycle on and off too often, too small and it will never shut off. Both scenarios will use up more power and shorten the units life. As for noise, it never concerned me but usually the more money the more quite, but thats up to the individual! I like my remote, especially the ease of shutting them off and on without having to walk over to them. I do have 3 units that work off the same remote. I can walk in my home and turn all on, off , or set the timer from one location. For me it works, if I needed 3 remotes, probably not.

These low profile Frigidaires are my favorite - they fit in the smallest windows and they don't block too much of the view.

We have 1 of these and 3 of the more conventional sized ones, and the normal sized ones look clownishly large in comparison. You're welcome to come check them out if you want to see a comparison.

I love my low profile ACs - no longer made, so +1 for frigidaire reco.

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