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Posted on: Apr 1, 2019 at 9:23am
Posted by : House

Accepting resumes and would like to interview someone to clean my home; deep cleaning every other week. This is a 1,800 sq. ft. home for six hrs., not four.  Currently, cleaning services have ads for $12.00/hr. for cleaning staff (employees).  Salary Here: $120.00 per cleaning ($20/hr.) no matter how many people clean and timeframe.  The ladies just need to split.  Some of the companies are LLC which means they get tax credits for car, car insurance, supplies, etc.  Again, currently $12.00/hr. x 4 Hrs. = $48.00 for one person per the U.S. Labor Dept.  Pay attention to hours worked and what one pays for and make sure they are not just doing bathrooms and kitchen floors with just water.

Homeowners:  Pay attention to what you pay for. Some services are charging $220.00 every other week (one person, four hrs. which equals $55.00/hr.) and then the upfront cost of $350 for the first time.  To spray and wipe only requires $12.00/hr. that the U.S. federal govt. says this position requires, $12 x four hrs. = $48.00.  If someone does more, more $$.  Bathrooms/kitchen floor, use a cleaner to spray and wipe does not equal more than $12/hr. I am not the govt.  This is what the US. Labor Dept. says is a fair hourly employment wage.  Do not let people take advantage of you as an employer.  Services that have three people doing your home for two hrs., make sure you know what they are doing.  Not all services vet their employees, just pay cash daily which could be $10-12/hr. but homeowner is charged more.  Everyone should be showing papers.  This is why cleaning services do not want you in your home while they are there.DO NOT listen to them saying we do not want you there.  It is your home that you are paying for.  Tell them to purchase your home and pay the monthly mortgage payments.

Now about experience.  One can have 10 years experience.  As an employer, what did they do?  Something to think about.  Swiping and wiping is not much and then the cleaning personnel do not which product to use.  If a client is into getting rid of germs, well, watch what your cleaning people do to get rid of germs, i.e., just cleaning with water.

Check to make sure the cleaning ladies have insurance, which is not expensive, maybe $250/yr. ($20.83/month) for bonding if they break something or destroy your rugs.  Not sure if owner pays for unemployment insurance or not; need to ask and require paper showing this.

If someone pays $20/hr. X 40 hrs. week x 52 weeks = $41,600/yr. tax free.  Pretty good $$. The women show less than this on their tax returns (have to show some income) to get tax credits if they have one child.  Someone brought this to my attention.  Must be nice.  A cleaning service does not usually have regular staff nor vets their employees, just want a body to clean.  Again, if they say, I do prefer you are not home, do not buy in with that one.  It is your home that you purchased, not them.  Ask them to purchase your home to kick you out of and pay the monthly mortgage.

If interested, contact me.  I am only paying $20.00/hr. no matter who or how many people show up and expect more than spray and wipe up.   

As a teaching tool, an LLC (most cleaning services), two people service your home and service others the same day.  The LLC owner charges $220 per home (3-4 hrs.) times two homes/day x 5 days/ week = $2,200/week x 50 weeks = $110,000/yr. and one of these two people are not 100% working.  Now, have to trust me, one of the workers is only paid approx $12/hr. cash which is $24,960/yr. (someone to clean a bathrooms, kitchen floor and maybe dust).   You can do the math, the LLC owner receives $110,000 - 

$24,960 =$85,040.   Most is cash, not income tax reportable. They keep their earnings on the IRS form below $30,000/yr. to get the federal and state income tax credits (have to show some income) if they have one child, write off the car, car insurance, some supplies, etc.  But again, they have employees who are not “on the books” and do not vet all employees.  Cleaning service personnel are taking advantage of client’s kindness.  The kindness should go to the workers, not the owners but you have to judge how you handle that one. 

Because a service or one person chooses to work less hrs. than 40 hrs/week, they should not charge the client for the $$ the cleaning personnel are missing to make up an annual salary.  This is happening.

As a registered nurse, do you make this amount of money?  And you had to pay to go to university for four years. 

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