4-13: Navigating Your Child's IEP During COVID

Sleuth (https://hellosleuth.com/) is offering a free webinar with an experienced Special Education attorney on Navigating Your Child's IEP During COVID. We'll cover: 1) ensuring the IEP covers a child's needs & goals; 2) requesting a reevaluation or independent educational evaluations; 3) advocating for the right services (12-month program, after-school services, SETSS, etc)Register for the 4/13 webinar here: https://zoom.us/.../1016177665335/WN_hL1YTSr5TluXWnO0HrBkPQ.Parents can also submit any questions they want covered in the webinar to @HelloSleuth on IG.

Those interested might want to know the time the webinar is being held.

Looks like it's at noon: Apr 13, 2021 12:00 PM

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