4 alarm fire at WO recycling center


Tons of smoke, lots of departments on scene, including Montclair, Roseland, Maplewood, and others..

Hours later and the smell is still awful. Hope they get a handle on this soon!

@smoochie yup! I even smell it near the SO border and from what I heard most of the smoke was going north-east of the fire. There were 7 large piles of mulch on fire...

I live right in the smoke path. Even smells in the house.

My husband is one of the firefighters on the scene. I haven't heard from him since before it started so it's been a looong day. I hope the fire is put out and everyone stays safe.

Hope the smoke clears out of your house soon too, @smoochie!

@wallflower tough day for all the firefighters indeed, I hope your husband stays safe and gets some good rest afterwards! I've been listening to the WO emergency live feed and from what I heard last the fire was under control. At one point they started to go door to door on Summit Ave to ensure everyone was ok as the smoke was so thick there and they were looking into evacuating that area.


Thanks for that, @seaweed! I brought home leftovers for him for tomorrow and will make sure he gets plenty of sleep.. I'm sure he and the others will need it.

Finally heard from my husband. He's exhausted and filthy and is not done for the evening. They did evacuate certain areas. Hope it's all over soon for everyone in involved.

Hope your husband is able to get a ton of rest, firefighters are true heros!

Isn't there a rehab/care facility up on the ridge that overlooks the recycling center? If I'm thinking of the right place, it was fairly large. I hope the residents and patients are OK. Must have been a very difficult day for the firefighters and emergency personnel involved as well as for people living in the area.

I live practically on top of the SO mulch piles, so now I'm wondering what makes them burn and if there are precautions the towns should be taking.

How are you doing, @smoochie?

thanks for asking.. we are fine smell has gone away mostly. Are the firepersons all resting? Didn't find much info on the situation this morning. Due to lack of smell and smoke I assume it's over. Photo of Mt Pleasant Ave yesterday around 2:45

My hubby is home having some leftovers now and then is going to try to hit the hay! Glad to hear it's cleared out of your house.

Please tell him good job and rest well from us!

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