Booster shots

we had 4:30 appts yesterday- pretty long line when we arrived.  We were out at 5:03 ( post shot 15 min wait).  Very hot in there - yes. 
there was no line at all when we left.

Has the AC there gone kaput? I don’t recall anyone saying it was too warm there last summer, though I suppose summer was also a slower time, with most getting shots 1 and 2 in the spring. 

At the Kmart site now — no line. Open until 2 today.

Did a walk-in at the Walgreen's in Vauxhall yesterday. No lines, no waiting. This was my second booster (all my other shots had been Moderna, but this was Pfizer, as that's all that Walgreen's had stocked.) Arm was a bit sore, but no fever or chills or any other common reactions.

I believe the county site is moving back to Livingston/Sears this week rather than the West Orange/Kmart.

West Orange K-Mart site has closed.

Livingston Sears site re-opened 3 days/week, new hours are Thursdays and Fridays from 2 to 7pm and Saturdays from 8am to 2pm

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