Can someone identify these objects?

I drive by this everyday and I can't figure out what these yellow things are. This is the site of the new Cider Mill development on the site of the old Nettie Ochs cider mill near St. Barnabas.

boy what a crappy picture. why the big black border?

not sure - can you email me the original so I can test it - here's a better view:

Some kind of flexible concrete forms?  That's just a guess though, no idea really!

Second guess would be bolt together culvert halves.  Third, prefab quonset huts???

I don't know what they are but if Darth Vader saw that picture from a probe droid he'd send the Imperial Fleet to look for a Rebel Base.

Yeah, I was thinking they were culvert related, and I just realized that what I thought was a single object is actually a stack of 7 or 8 of them.

Maybe the next Christo Yavacheff installation!

cramer said:

Molds to pour concrete into to serve as a storm drain.


I dunno about that. If they were concrete forms you'd expect them to be a lot wider. They look like they're a foot wide. You'd have to stick ten of them together to get ten feet of storm drain. Seems very inefficient.

Plus they don't look like molds anyway. I can't envision how they would work as molds to make a cast concrete pipe.

Though they are probably related to laying down a drainage pipe of some sort. Maybe they're just supports.

Looks like corrugated polyethylene storm drain sections. They are bolted together to form a circle. They're about 5 feet sections. Not a mold for concrete.that is the storm drain in halves.

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