Does anyone need a bunny (English Spot)? She's a cutie!

As I stated on the Nugget thread, a neighbor of ours moved, and left this GORGEOUS English Spot rabbit behind. I was able to trap her after 4 days, and she currently resides in our home (New Providence). We have had her for 6 days, but my asthma and allergies have kicked in (I'm allergic to rabbits) and we have to find her a home. St. Huberts and Safe Haven have been notified, but I would rather give her to an MOL'er, as the kindness shown to animals around here is very good. Please let me know as soon as possible.

I hope you find a good home for this beautiful rabbit. What a shame that your neighbor left her behind but what good fortune that you spent the time and energy in keeping her safe thus far.

If your attached you might be able to keep it outside. I remember this used to be common when I was a kid. Otherwise good luck.

Looks delicious!


Can you give details - age, current weight and if she's spayed? Is she litter box trained? Does she like to be handled?

FYI - to rabbit newbies, unspayed females have far more health issues than males or spayed females.

srg, I don't know, as I trapped her, and saved her life (see the Nugget's Forever Thread for a history on this little one, it won't disappoint). She does not appear old (no gray around the muzzle at all). She is a strong one (as are most of the English Spots, which I recently learned). She, being about 8-9 inches in length, maybe about 4 pounds (if that) is VERY muscular. She has a VERY well-developed thick coat, yet thin when you consider the depth of the coat (it's like petting a heavy duty cotton ball, I'm totally serious). She is definitely people-oriented, and will follow you around everywhere you go. Totally social. If it wasn't for my medical issues, she would be a permanent fixture in our house. When it comes to medical issues, this little one survived outdoors for about a week, including last Friday's snowstorm. She's a tough cookie. We have fed her nothing but the best, Oxbow pellets, the following fresh veggies; carrot tops (with the occasional carrot pieces), kale (the oxalic acid thing is WAY over-rated), basil, flat-leaf parsley, endless Timothy Hay, and the one-a-day treat of a small chunk of fresh apple. I know what I am doing. She regained her strength within 48 hours (if she ever lost it). To see if she is a female, well, this feat takes a little doing, along with plate mail armor. There is a pelvic flap that must be turned down in order to see the true sex of the rabbit. I chose not to scare her further, HOWEVER, her dewlap is pronounced (a female rabbit uses it to pull the fur out of when she is pregnant, to bed a nest, and she is very protective of the privates (males aren't as much), hence the reason she didn't summon Cthulu upon me. She was definitely a house rabbit, and as such, I'm going to say she has been spayed. Unpopular to belief, female rabbits gain musculature more so then non-spayed, and this little girl is 'Ripped'.

That being said, she is easily approached and picked up, to the point of nearly docile (no rabbits of proper health are truly docile). The English Spot is also one of the oldest domesticated rabbit breeds. They are extremely acrobatic (she showed us this yesterday, when we let her out of the cage for the first time). As all rabbits do, she will have the occasional 'poop' drop out of her butt, but knows to pee in the cage base. Very important note, the 'poops' that come out of her butt are dry, that means she is healthy, as a sick bunny is quick to have runny 'poops', and can soon die if it persists. Domesticated rabbits are VERY susceptible to digestive issues, and this one has none.

I was proud to have given her anything she needs, except a new home, which, at the moment, I am unable to provide.

I hope this will give you guys/gals out there the information you need. I would rather give her to someone on MOL, who will tell how everything is going, than to give her to a shelter (I'm being brutally honest here).

Gorgeous rabbit! She looks glossy and well.

You're a good guy, Defcon. Thanks for taking her in.

Bump for the bunny. She was lucky to find you and Maggie!

Would it be useful to ask Bill at Millburn Pet Shop if he knows of any families looking for a bunny? When he was in Maplewood he seemed to know most of the animal-loving families in town. Maybe it's the same there? Would be wonderful if this bunny could find a loving home - she's very pretty.

Good news! We may have found Cassiopeia a new home! To a fellow MOL'er! Their kids have wanted a bunny for a while, and I think with Cassie's personality, we have a perfect match. More to come...

Great news. Keep us posted!

YAY!!!! So happy that we will continue to get updates (don't forget the pictures!)

Deffie, I am so glad that she found her way to your bunny haven. I don't believe in any coincidences, This was Providence.

New Providence to be exact, LOL!

Will be meeting the prospective new owner in about 2 hours. Man, I can't wait!

The meeting should be coming up any minute... I have my paws crossed for a good outcome. :X

Everything went well. She will need a couple days to think about it. She has children that would give Cassie the time she deserves. She is actually an absolute riot when she's out of the cage, jumping, rolling around and just havin' a good bunny time. I wrote up a care sheet explaining the do's and don't of foods and general care and upkeep. I would really like to see her go this lady, instead of a shelter. Why? Because she would be able to post pics, and I would feel great knowing the little girl would be in a good place.

More to come...

Thinking good thoughts for this little girl. question

Hoping it works out! Sounds like a really good match for the family AND the bunny!

DEFCON_Creator said:

New Providence to be exact, LOL!

Touché! Very droll, Deffie, very droll!

Droll? Now that's a word I haven't heard in a long, long time (God, I sound like Obi Wan Kenobi) LOL!

Quick update. The woman that stopped by yesterday needed a couple days to make the decision. Well, as life would have it, my asthma EXPLODED last night, and it kinda scared me. Maggie took Cassiopeia down to St. Huberts on Route 22 in North Branch. The people at St. Huberts took one look at her and fell in love. They stated it shouldn't be long before someone takes her home. They are holding her for 7 days in case the MOL'er chooses to take her.

Man it sucks being highly allergic to the one animal you have a true soft spot for.

I'm glad you made the decision to rehome the rabbit ASAP when your allergies flared. Your health and the rabbit's well being should both be enhanced by your decision to send the rabbit to St. Huberts. I'm sure they will find the perfect home for Cassie.

Oh, man, so sorry to hear about your asthma. But I'm really glad that St. Huberts is so helpful. And yes, being allergic to the one animal you love the most is horrible. LOL

Meanwhile, I still have my paws crossed for a new home to surface quickly.

joan_crystal said:

I'm glad you made the decision to rehome the rabbit ASAP when your allergies flared. Your health and the rabbit's well being should both be enhanced by your decision to send the rabbit to St. Huberts. I'm sure they will find the perfect home for Cassie.

Joan, to be honest, when it came to little Cassie, I didn't give a sh*t about my health, hers was more important. May sound weird, but I'm being honest. Maggie will confirm this.

As did your mother when I spoke with her this afternoon. I still feel rehoming Cassie was the right decision. You need to maintain your health if you are going to be able to serve as savior for future bunnies who come you way.

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