Does anyone need a bunny (English Spot)? She's a cutie!

Well said, @joan crystal. I agree 100%! We want you feeling well and in top health, @defcon creator. I believe you did the right thing; your health will improve and cassie will be adopted and beloved. You may feel brokenhearted right now but time will help that pass as will knowing you daved her life, ten placed her in good hands. St Hubert's rocks.

Thanks guys. Yeah, last night was a little rough emotionally. Walking in and seeing all of Cassie's stuff missing (Maggie forensically cleaned the house during the afternoon after dropping off Cassie, and moved everything back down to the basement), pretty much gave me a heartpunch.

Just saw a friend reshare Cassie's picture from the Friends of Animal Control page on FB. It says:

Alert: Found rabbit in New Providence, NJ. Rabbit is female, black and white. Contact Animal Control 908-310-1452. It will need a home in 7 days if unclaimed. Please Share

I assume animal control and St. Hubert's are in cahoots..... her picture is getting shared a lot so I'm sure she'll find a perfect home soon.

AFA, you might want to remove the reference to Defcon's street, so more people don't drop off bunnies! wink

Thank you Peggy, yeah, that's all I need! #-O

AFA, yes, the local animal control puts out the 7-day alert for the neighborhood, just in case it IS someone's rabbit and they are looking for it (Best case scenario).

Wouldn't that be something, if Cassie had a family that was desperately searching for her, and they see this thread or something else and are reunited?

I can dream, can't I? oh oh

Cassie was a major Facebook blast this morning, the New Providence Animal Control does it, I think it's awesome! The blast hit New Providence, as well as surrounding towns. I wish I could have given them a better pic, instead of her in their cage, but hey, just the idea they do it it is beyond.

If they can find the family that owned her, and she had actually escaped, THAT would be awesome. If my gut is right, and those *ssholes that lived behind us abandoned her, and wherever they moved, their kids get the alert, because they still have school friends in the town, we call that KARMA. Well played dad, enjoy the ride, YOU deserve it.

Ok, UPDATE TIME! Well, it seems the actual owners picked up Cassiopeia the last couple of days. They showed proof of ownership (veterinary bills and pics with her). The MOL'er (who remains un-named) is quite sad about it. I am SHOCKED by the fact the owners got her back. It seems my instincts about the backdoor neighbors that moved out and abandoned her were a bit off the mark, unless of course, their kids saw her on the Facebook blast that the New Providence Animal Control put out.

Who knows. I told the MOL'er to go to St. Huberts in Madison, as Maggie saw Cassie's twin, and there are a bunch of bunnies that need Forever Homes. St. Huberts will not provide the name/address of the owner, so we will contact them with Cassie's story and try to have that forwarded to them.

It would be amazing closure to get a "Thank You' from the owners, after they read what we went through. It would be even more awesome if we got Visitation Rights. Well, we did what we could, and hopefully this story now has a happy ending (sort of).

We will be taking all of Cassie's extra hay, aspen bedding, Oxbow pellets, etc, to Murray Hill Veterinary, as it couldn't hurt. I thank you all for the support with this difficult endeavor.

Amazing. So glad she is home, and I hope that she lives happily ever after. oh oh

That is amazing! I'm hoping there is some mitigating circumstance which precluded the family from taking her with them in the first place. Hard to imagine but hoping against hope.

I don't think it was a family behind us that abandoned her. I honestly believe she got out for some reason. from another house. The family had to show veterinary records and pictures to have the bunny released to hem before the 7 days had elapsed.

I'm glad she's back home and hopefully it was an honest mistake.

I wonder what her real name is...!

She will always be Cassiopeia to us.

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