Editing capability is working

If you edit a comment - it will delete everything upon saving.  We will try to fix this ASAP - sorry for the bug,

Well, we'll know it's fixed when you can change the comma at the end of your sentence into a period. (And we'll know it's not fixed if you're whole post goes blank instead). 

I always want to edit my posts... so I'll be tempting fate by posting this, and seeing if I can just let it stand. 

OK, here we go... I'm about to live dangerously.... and... click [REPLY]   

blank stare

I probably should remove the comma after "this".


 See you tomorrow...

Thank you for the warning.  I almost always proof my posts after they are entered and then edit to correct the type-os.  Here's hoping spelling and grammar check work in the interim.  Still, there is nothing to be done about dropped words unfortunately.  LOL

It’s working now.  (Test)

jamie said:

It’s working now.  (Test)

 Yes it is.  With heart in mouth, I edited a post a couple of hours ago, and was pleasantly relieved to find the edit took.

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