Flash Flood Watch This Afternoon and Tonight, 7/22/19

Flash Flood Watch this afternoon, Monday 7/22/19, through tomorrow morning at 8:00am.

Slight chance of a shower this morning gives way to likely heavy showers this afternoon and tonight, with likely thunderstorms late afternoon and tonight.

The ground remains saturated and the usual small streams and low lying areas could flood if we get a downpour.

Screenshot below shows a simulated radar for late afternoon/early evening with the line of storms approaching from the west.  This is just one model's interpretation of the data, but it gives an idea of the coverage.

I'm going to bump this just because I am sitting in my kitchen and I can see the front edge of the system about 30 - 60 minutes west of us right now....

...and just like that...

It seems like we're at the edge of this northeast movement.  We really seem to keep missing the worst parts of these storms.

And yesterday - all of the extreme weather fizzled out as it approached us.

If it hits how long should it last? Should I be headed to Penn St. now for the next train before all hell breaks loose?

Raining heavily in Maplewood now.  Lots of thunder.  Didn't see any lightning.

that's funny - sun is out by Clinton School.

Yay! Rain to break the heat and humidity!

(Steps outside)


I know, this first round seems to have made it more unbearable, if that was possible...

jamie said:
that's funny - sun is out by Clinton School.

 I'm by Tuscan.

jamie said:
We really seem to keep missing the worst parts of these storms.

From the https://www.lightningmaps.org/ strikes map, it looks like we got center seats for this lightening round.

Our area was spared the storm-related outages that seem widespread to the south and west.

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