Goodbye from jonesey, the jonesey family, and Deadgood Events

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Again with a Cow??? cheese would Daisy make an appearance?

It's too scary for Daisy...

Well, now we have to watch out for it over here! oh oh

So the movie did very well - a judge's award for best movie, second place in the audience vote ("members award"), Best Art Direction, Outstanding Acting, Outstanding Cinematography, and Outstanding Directing.

Tom_Reingold said:

Ditto that! Great job - congratulations!

Latest news, a new generation of jonesey...

My son's daughter arrived on his 19th birthday.

Congratulations on the movie and the baby!

here is the new jonesey at almost 6 weeks.

So I decided to add a blog to my website.

If you're interested here it is...

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