How To Park Like a Tool

RobB said:

annemarie said:

Wait, is this thread about poorly parked cars? Or extreme close-ups of fingertips?

I think that was just to provide scale...

annemarie said:

What happened to my SUV photo? :-((

In defense of the SUV, it is virtually impossible to park your land yacht in a space designed for cars.

Shadowhawk thinks he's insulting me by implying I drive an Altima. that's cute.

dave said:

grin) grin)

Later in that episode...

RobB said:

In which part of Canada is Japan located?

justgotlaidoff said:

Maybe Cartographer Man can chime in here but neither Canada nor Mexico is in Japan, correct?

justgotlaidoff said:

.....or that none of France, Mexico and Canada is in Japan, because that one I'm almost certain about.

Oh, dear. It's time to bring in one of America's foremost experts on all things geographical:

You posted a blank???

justgotlaidoff said:

Shadowhawk thinks he's insulting me by implying I drive an Altima. that's cute.

Weren't you the one posting comic book speeches? It was along the lines of the dark knight only much, much lamer. The details escape me but as I recall you were offended that anyone would dare complain about a screaming child in a restaurant - "wherever a diner cannot enjoy their meal, I'll be there" sort of stuff?

And who knows what kind of car you drive? Maybe you drive a BMW and your kids aren't obnoxious out-of-control brats who regularly run rampant in a restaurant and ruin meals for people - maybe you just DEFEND people with crappy cars and poor parenting skills for fun? Or practice?

Guaranteed, these jerks probably think oops, no biggie, there's plenty of parking here, they'll get over it. Just like the jerk, who watched a video on her iPhone with the volume up in the quiet car, who told me to get a life when I called her on it.

Shadowhawk, you gonna make fun of my sneakers next? I got them at Payless.

Why don't the two of you get a private room?

cfa said:

Why don't the two of you get a private room?

He's fascinated with me. I can't help it - but then... maybe he's just protecting his alter ego by calling me Shadowhawk all the time? I suspect we'll see JLO at a local restaurant this afternoon just DARING someone to complain about the noise his kids are making! Now THAT'S vigilantism at its finest! grin)

cfa said:

Why don't the two of you get a private room?

Hahahaha! Srsly!

Well, I guess I should contribute a few of my own.

Easter paper was all I could find..oh well

HAHAHA! Love this. Printing up some stickers.,0,461526.photogallery

Talk about a real hump!

sorry, meant to post this real hump:

Kind of enjoying this, but have a couple of comments. In a lot of the pictures the car in the space next to where the idiot is taking up two spaces is parked on or over the line. Also, most of the people who obviously are taking up two spaces are at the very end of the parking lot from the fact the roadway is clearly visible. Third, I tend to look for spaces on the end of rows, where there is additional space. Did this at the Millburn Mall on Friday and some idiot still parked so close to me I had to climb into my car from the passenger side.

I'm more disturbed that you actually took time out of your precious day to post all of that.

On a related subject (sort of), a radical magazine called the Disability Rag used to sell stickers featuring Disability Rat, to stick on windshields of cars without handicapped placards or plates which parked in handicapped spaces. They were backed with incredibly sticky glue. grrr

Both parking jobs were today at the same time at the same place (Millburn Mall). And while the white truck looks like it might be ok because there is no one around, it was not. With the cars parked across the row behind it, and how far out the bed of the truck was sticking into the lane it was very little space left to drive out of the lot.

Friend in Milwaukee just posted this one on facebook

This was over the top.

This SUV is not only well over the line, but its spare tire is only inches away from the tree, blocking the sidewalk that runs alongside the parking lot. Nice job!

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