Kent Place school

Hi all. Would like to know and get any feedback if someone has experience with Kent Place School in Summit. Not able to make a decision as to is it worth the tuition

drummerboy said:

there was a long thread on this recently

 Thank you. Yes I saw this in search. However the discussion there slightly went tangent so was looking for experience if someone can post here . Positive/negative.

It would be worth it for some, but not for others...depends on interests, abilities, goals, etc.  I went to a private high school and mainly chose it because it had an extra curricular activity that was good for the career I wanted (I didn't know exactly in 8th grade, but knew it was something I was very interested).  I was also able to get a specific after school job because of the location of the school and the school hours.

if the student is looking to get into a top tier school...a private school looks good on the application...but top tier schools are not the best education for every one and the career they want.....sometimes a mid level or even a state college is great for the person's career and life goals.

It may help if you indicate preschool, primary, middle, or upper school.

Whether the tuition is worth it or not depends completely on the individual family and your perspective.  $46K might be affordable and worth it for some and out of the question for others. Some may choose to save that money for college.  Maybe financial aid will make it affordable.

My suggestion is to ask 1) is this school the right fit for our child academically/socially and if the answer is yes, then 3) what is plan to pay?

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