Kismet's Life in Maine

That's my neck of the woods. I am sure he has lived in some beautiful homes.

Yes, Phil seems to really like the coast. Actually so do I . Spent much time at Pemaquid and would love a vacation place there.

I am "around the corner" from Pemaquid. The surf there right after Sandy was astounding.

Movers are arriving from NJ today! All our worldly belongings will be stored in the barn here until the Spring.

calliope said:


I soooo would love to be up there.

I love your new house so much that I am making my move-back-to-Nova-Scotia plan as we speak! :X

Good luck unpacking the truck! Enjoy Thanksgiving.

annieBB make sure a stop in Maine is in those plans ;-) !
Happy (and peaceful, family-filled) Thanksgiving everyone

Unexpected pleasure from the move - my niece is joining us for Thanksgiving dinner. My brother and his family live in Colorado. We've seen them only sporadically over the years. My niece is in grad school in Boston so a 3 hour drive makes it very easy for her to be with us...I am pleased oh oh

Truly gorgeous house, Kismet. I am profoundly jealous. Greetings from Rockport, MA. Be sure you visit Marginal Walk in Ogunquit. It was Jerseyjack who told me about that.

Many thanks WIndy, we have our fingers crossed that all goes well. I will check out Marginal Walk, it's been on my "list" for years but now have the wherewithal to do it! There are many places in this state and country I want to see...the time has come.
I find it interesting how many folks have a special place for Maine in their hearts....

We stayed at a beautiful B and B in Paradise, Maine a year or so ago in the spring. Lovely. Truly paradise. The name was the Paradise B and B. It does have a website. Although it looks a bit old fashioned, the location is terrific and the views, awesome.

Hope one and all had a lovely Thanksgiving. Ours was quiet and enjoyable.

I've made turkey and wild rice soup and delivered some to the neighbors. Also made turkey tetrazinni - love the mesh of mushrooms, cream, Parmesan and turkey. Of course the required "day after Thanksgiving sandwiches" were eaten for lunch on Friday.

We ventured into town (13 miles away) on Saturday for Small Business Saturday and did a little holiday shopping. Quiet day today -laundry (before son goes back to schoool oh oh ), fill the bird feeders, bring in firewood, etc. We may get some snow on Tuesday.

Meet the home inspector at the (hopefully)new house tomorrow...hope all goes well.

Good luck tomorrow, Kismet!!! I am sure you will soon have my dream home! cheese

Kismet, I am late to the party here, but am so enjoying your blog, looks like a lovely area, so happy you are loving your new life. Keep posting!

Good luck with the inspection. By the way, we also sent a boy back to school (freshman and his first visit here in the new house). How did your son do not going home to South Orange for the holiday?

Thanks emmie!
Our son was fine, he'd been to this house 3-4 times already (he's in school here in Maine). Do believe he missed some friends from home though (although not that many left in SOMA - many have also moved). One of the really wonderful things about here- we've all spent at least a few weeks every year in this area so it feels like home already.
Very excited about our daughter coming to visit. She lives in NC and works in the service industry so needs to work on Christmas BUT will be arriving on Dec 19 for 4 days. When she and her boyfriend used to come up they would stop in NJ overnight (a 9 hour drive) and then continue up here (7 hours). "Well mom, it's now a 16 hour drive but we'll split big deal" oh oh

Home inspection went beautifully! Very few and very minor things to be dealt with...this makes me happy oh oh

Makes me happy too. I jut love your blog Kismet and love love love the photos. Hope to visit you over the summer!

librarylady...........if you visit kismet as mentioned you will inevitably pass through's at the top of the penninsula

Be sure to stop at their will enjoy it. In Maine the libraries are an anchor to the communities. Take the boat ride out to Monhegan Island and spend the day. Easy access from the Pemaquid area. Ironically the year round population is something like 30. It swells of course in the summer. No motor vehicles allowed and the cutest library waiting for you.

Yes! Please visit!!! Anyone that would like to - I'd love to share this magical place.
We're going (well, if sale flies and I think we're on track oh oh )to have a barn, a BIG barn!

We have vacationed in that area of Maine (coastal areas from the NH border to Bar Harbor) several times and loved it! We are overdue to visit there again.

hmmm--- wouldn't that make a purrfect Kismet's home for wayward kitties? more hint. On Coastal Rt. 1 you will pass through the Village of Wiscasset. "The prettiest village in Maine". As you get to the river and before you cross the bridge.....if you turn right for a few hundred feet you will come to a restaurant called "Le Garage". Good food, reasonable prices and a lovely view of the water from the dining room. Until a few years ago there were two sunken ships in the river, but they were eventually removed as possible danger to other boats. alternative. Again as you get to the bridge and the river, park your vehicle. On the left side just before you cross the bridge is "Red's". A little shack that offers the best lobster roll in Maine. Be prepared for a 15 minute wait in line and only outdoor dining. They use probably close to a pound of lobster meat in their rolls. Somewhat pricey depending on the going rate for lobster but truly a dining experience. Welcome to Maine........."Life as it should be"

author(do I know you?), agree about Le Garage, what about Sarah's? The dory and whaleboat are great! Like calzones but with great stuff inside. Their soup and bread specials are always yummy! Not bad pizza too.

Can't stand the lines at Reds - I go to Larsons -just through town(Damariscotta) on the left before you get to Hannafords- for my lobster (or even better) crab rolls

In Newcastle- the Newcastle Public House
In Damariscotta (my town!!!!!- well closest) - King Eider (great crab cakes and beer on tap, oysters), Damariscotta Grill, Salt Bay Cafe (lacking ambiance but always good food and lots of it), there is a Thai place now too but haven't tried it yet, heard it's quite good.

For a fun "eat at the wharf" experience try Shaw's in New Harbor. You can take the boat to Monhegan from there (sunset cruises and puffin and seal watches too)

If you are here a stop ay Renys(sort of a department store) is a must..great stuff, great prices - a Maine institution.

I could go on and on.....

kismet......I have lived in Maplewood for 35 years. My daughter is a product of the school system and the woman in my life who will not allow me to publish her name, taught in the system for 25 years. Nothing deliberate but only a handful of MOL'ers know my in real life.

What had happened was that my SO was teaching in Tuscan School in the last few years of Mr. Young being the Principal. He told her about Pemaquid and we must have made 20 summer vacations well as a few in Boothbay Harbor. We started renting, and should have
purchased a cabin at Heron Cove. Also rented a small house behind a main house on the road just before the left hand fork to the light house.

I guess the Fisherman's co-op across from Shaw's is no longer there. The Samoset Restaurant had closed for a season and then re opened.
Hope that it is doing well.

Also worth some visit time in Freeport with LLBEAN and several decent outlets.

Staying on Coast RT 1 to Thomaston and the Prison Outlet Store. The Prison is now closed but goods made by inmates are still sold. From simple sailing ship to wonderful desks........super interesting.

The Farnsworth Museum in Rockport always has paintings by three generations of the Wyeth Family.......never a lack of things to see and do.

Do you know about the Pemaquid Point Cam? There is one on the bookstore in town too. Before the move I used to check them each morning oh oh

Did not now. Now I am dying sitting here.

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