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I want to landscape my property and would appreciate recommendations about companies you've worked with who have provided well-priced, good work. We have a maintenance service but am looking for companies that can design and do the planting. Many thanks!

Following this thread! oh oh Looking for someone who can grade back yard for drainage.

We use Landscape Inspirations:

The landscape designer does the consultation first and generates a design drawing. Once that's approved, she works with a landscape company that does the install and she manages that whole process. Pretty easy and no surprises.

Giovine Landscaping out of West Orange. Not the cheapest, but good work. Also heard good things about Blizard.

Very, very happy with Cardinal Garden Center's landscaping. They're in Springfield:
They were neither the most nor the least expensive of the bids we got. We went with them because Cos (one of the owners) is such a knowledgeable arborist. Everything they planted is native to the area, and we have something either green or blooming every month of the year. They also did extensive re-grading of our sloping yard, masonry (bluestone and cobblestone walks and a new brick staircase), and a fence. It's been about 8 or 9 years and everything is thriving. Every spring they clean up & do any necessary repairs or replantings.

Scalora in South Orange did a lovely design/build project for us about ten years ago, including well thought out somewhat deer resistant plantings, some re-grading, some ground cover, and stone retaining wall. Staff may have changed since then, especially on the design side, but we were impressed by the efficiency of the workers and the general orderly process of the creative process and the hands-on work. Not inexpensive, but good quality at all stages.

Last year we used ZO Landscaping and Supply in Maplewood and were very, very happy with the results. Mike and his crew were great to work with and mapped out our project with computer visuals so we could see the plan.

Try Joe Zuzuro 732-735-2001

@butterfly32 - your three comments are all related to Joe Zuzuro. Generally this form of advertising is frowned upon. There are tons of great landscapers in this area for this type of job but a truly special person and approach is Elizabeth Payne - The Garden Fairy. She will work with you in finalizing your vision as well as making recommendations for appropriate plannings. She is PASSIONATE and enthusiastic and incredibly talented. 815.347.0249 (don't worry about the area code - she is based in South Orange!)

We need someone to plant a cherry tree (rather large) that we received as a arborist, I guess. It's too much for us.

We've been very happy with Oscar Rodriguez. 908-868-8531

What kind of money are we talking about? General ballpark?

Steve, Is this the right number? It goes to a woman's cell phone. No mention of Oscar or gardening...

Yes, his wife manages the business. That's her voice you're hearing.

@deborahg - did you connect with Oscar?

Nope my call was not returned. Still looking,

I asked and She said that she did not get any messages. If you pm me your number, I can have her call you.

@deborahg My husband can come take a look. Andy (JK Lawn and Landscaping) 908 868 4588 or

@lking25 He could also give you a design estimate.

We use JK Lawn and Landscaping. Andy is great - we are absolute morons when it comes to dealing with our yard, and it looks so much better since he's taken over. He has great ideas, but will do as much or as little as you want; his prices are fair, and he's a nice guy to boot. Highly recommend.

Thanks! Just dropped him a note. @Steve, still nothing from Oscar's wife so I am moving on.

She'll call you today - not to worry.

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