Looking for an Elder-care lawyer

Hello.  I'm planning for a possible Medicaid application for my mom in 2 or 3 years, and need to consult with and elder-care attorney.  Can anyone recommend a good, affordable attorney who specializes in Medicaid?

You may get three referrals from the Essex County Bar Association. You can contact them for consultations. Such consultations are usually free or may cost $25.00

Services can cost several thousands of dollars.

Before the consultation, have as much financial information as possible in preparation for the visit. This includes debts, monthly expenses, assets and monthly income. Were either your mom or her spouse military COMBAT veterans?

There is a Facebook group on elder care issues and Allison Busch-Vogel, who lives in S.O., is reco'd a lot. I don't have contact info, I think she is with a firm.

Seems like she's a leader in the field.


I know some others who I will try to link.

Here is one I know well and would recommend.


Thank you! All recommendations are very helpful.  

Here is another I have heard good things about.


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