Maplewoodstock weekend!

Sparrow/Turquaz was about as good a one two punch of closers as I can remember at Maplewoodstock.  I was thinking that Turquaz had a Speaking in Tongues era Talking Heads vibe about them and sure enough they did a cover from that album.  Their cover of "Don't Do it" wasn't too shabby either.  Thanks guys

thank you to all the organizers, volunteers etc who put this together every year. I never make it during the day, but I head over there tonight for just a bit and it was bustling and the music was great. So happy to have this in town!


Great event once again.  And thank you for lowering the volume during the changeovers.

ml1 said:

jamie said:
3rd gear is rocking it
 we had a blast grin
What a great audience to play to. 

Just saw you on FIOS 1.  

Another mammoth undertaking, undertaken successfully by all concerned! Well done...


cramer said:
Just saw you on FIOS 1.  

 thanks. I gave that interview and didn't even bother to ask where or when it would run. But I was a little woozy from the heat at that point grin

Thanks for a great weekend! We loved Sister Sparrow. Only downer was the SOMA beers being done early. 

I'm not sure what happened with SOMA brewing - but at the end of the day the goals was to not have any leftover beer.  Maybe they ran out first?

I didn't have time to venture into the beer garden - but from what I saw - it's looked like a great success - big thanks to the SO Elks!

The sangria was a nice substitution. Thanks again. Great job as usual! 


I noticed that several of the food court vendors were still using foam plates/clam shells.  Perhaps you should remind vendors of Maplewood ordinance banning use of foam.

Does the ban apply to vendors from outside Maplewood at an independent event? The ordinance covers food retailers “located and doing business within the township.” Maybe that applies to vendors located and doing business in Maplewood temporarily for an event, but maybe not?

Even if it technically does not apply, it would not be a bad thing to eliminate them from the waste stream at Maplewoodstock too.

 Nice clip from the Turkuaz set! 

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