Medicare and psychotherapy?

Does Medicare cover psychotherapy? And if so, how would one go about finding a shrink who accepts Medicare?

I was reading a little about that earlier today (my time), while chasing other information for you in the U.S. I don't understand it all, and I'm sure others can answer better, but I believe you need to be referred by your family doctor (GP). There are special provisions for people who are covered as Veterans.

Wish I could answer more usefully.


<> But how does one find a provider who accepts assignment?

mjh said:

If one has supplemental insurance, one can look in the provider directory for their insurance plan. The provider directory I just checked includes listings for in-network clinical psychologists, clinical social workers, and psychiatrists under the heading Behavioral Health Providers. If the person for whom you are asking does not have a supplemental insurance plan beyond basic Medicare, checking such listings on-line or by consulting with friends who have such directories should produce some leads as to behavioral health providers who would accept Medicare patients.

Edited to add: If the person for whom you are inquiring wants someone very local, the provider directory I just checked lists seven clinical social workers and two psychiatrists in-network who have their practice in Maplewood and one clinical psychologist and one clinical social worker who have their practice in SO.

Summit Medical Group accepts traditional Medicare and they have psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

of course, it just started covering 80% (if you have traditional medicare).

i used to find that odd..that the law required private insurance to cover it at the same rate as physical health, but medicare was only paying something like 60% and just made it equal maybe a year ago.

look on (if you have traditional) or the part C plan directory

'shrinks' don't do therapy usually. most psychiatrists just prescribe meds.

therapy is provided by

a psychologist (PhD or PsyD) or


and no, you don't need a referral with traditional medicare

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