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Puppy Training Log 03.22.10

We had a really nice weekend with all 3 dogs.

The beagles got to go to the dog park yesterday and really enjoy the freedom to run and play. I did not take Simone. She needs to work up to that kind of dog exposure. Instead, she and I went for a really long walk in areas toward South Orange, which she has never been to.

I walked Simone first, for her really long walk. Then I took the beagles to the park. Simone was not sad or upset about that. Both kids were home, and Simone took a nice long nap while we were gone.

I am allowing Simone to sleep with us again. I actually feel really safe with her next to me and I am sleeping much less restless. Years ago when Molly was still with us, a man broke into our house when I was home alone, and I still have some paranoia from that. It effects how I sleep. Simone is not starting problems with Bella, or taking up very much space. She likes to curl up small to sleep. She was so happy this weekend.

Here we are in the bed.

All the dogs enjoy having the windows open.

Simone's facial expressions crack me up... very sweet.

She uses her facial expressions to get her way....and it works on me.

She's a little over 1 year but still has some many puppy's her eyes.

Puppy Training Log 03.23.10

Hmmm... it appears my morning post, did not post.

This morning Bella (our house beagle princess) was an emotional wreck. I am not sure if she had a bad dream, or she's grumpy about having to share her bed with Simmy or what. Getting up was a chore. Getting downstairs--even more so. She was standing UNDER things like the table and the dining furniture. She was just being weird.

Our walk was more like a drag and pull. AND THEN worse--a sit and won't budge for nothing...notta, no way...stubborn beagle brat! Ugh!!! BELLA!!!!!!

She was nasty. She was extra possesive of anything she found--paper on the floor, a piece of rawhide. She was fighting over a blanket on the couch! She was growling and snapping at Simmy. She wouldn't let Hunter on the couch.

At one point my son (who can control her) put her in timeout. Once she she came out of the crate, she curled up on the couch and just looked upset.

Before I left she buried her head against me and needed lots of cuddling and kisses. I have to admit I was reluctant to leave her out of the crate. She didn't have a fever and she had not thrown up--so I don't think she was sick.

However--all is well this afternoon.


who knows! but could she be hurting someplace?? didn't sleep well? (pms??) I hope she'll be feeling better this afternoon.

jeanneh, I'm so enjoying your boxer stories. they really are great dogs, and the manipulation of humans they can achieve with that face is really something.

There were pretty loud thunderstorms last night - is she afraid of thunder and lightning? I hope she's okay!

Thanks Bets--I didn't even consider that my poor princess was scared last night while I slept soundly.

That might be it. Tonight she is OK, and before I got home she was 100% OK with the kids. However, She is needy with me, so when I got home she was very very needy for attention and cuddles. Critterlover will attest to my over coddling of her. It is hard to tell her no because she is so darn cute! (that statement can apply to critterlover or Bella (LOL).

The entering the door at night is a consistent success for Simone. NO more attacks, no more wild dog.

Posted By: jeannehThe entering the door at night is a consistent success for Simone. NO more attacks, no more wild dog.


Puppy Training Log 03.24.10

Bella is back to being her happy beagle self. She slept tucked under my pillow last night. I was worried I would suffocate her. She woke up happy, tail wagging this morning.

Simone has been behaving herself. Hunter has been acting like a brat lately, stealing Simone's raw hides and running around with it--teasing her. I think it's his way of playing with her.
He likes to be chased. Simone gets frustrated with this. She just wants her rawhide back! She will whine and cry, and bark bark bark.

Last night Hunter made me laugh out loud. It was a rare moment when Simone was eating dinner in her crate and Bella had gone out for a walk and Hunter had my full attention. I was playing with him, pulling at his feet, and rubbing his head, and he was pretending to try and bite me--but doesn't. All of a sudden he stopped short, and if he could speak English he would have said "Hang on--I have a great idea!". He trotted off into the living room to his basket of toys and took a few minutes to pick just the right one. He returned with a tiny piece of rawhide. When I put my hand out to take it, he darted away. I moved closer, and he darted just out of my reach. And just like that I was chasing him all around the living room and dinning room. I was laughing, and he was leaping and hoping and running, and having a grand time playing. If I stopped chasing him, he would get close to me and drop his toy...and if he could speak English he would have said "go ahead, just try to take it!" The chase would start again. I did manage to get the rawhide (all wet and slimy), but I would drop it quickly, and Hunter would grab it and run.

It was really sweet to see Hunter playing like this with me. Sometimes I think he gets the least attention, because he's the least problematic. I feel bad about that. Bella gets my attention for looking so adorable OR because she's having a temper tantrum, and Simone gets attention for being a the baby or a menace. Poor Hunter is often left out of all of that MOM TIME because he's quiet, and sitting on the couch, out of trouble.

Posted By: jeannehIt was really sweet to see Hunter playing like this with me. Sometimes I think he gets the least attention, because he's the least problematic. I feel bad about that. Bella gets my attention for looking so adorable OR because she's having a temper tantrum, and Simone gets attention for being a the baby or a menace. Poor Hunter is often left out of all of that MOM TIME because he's quiet, and sitting on the couch, out of trouble.

Sound like Hunter is due for a little extra loving and fun for being such a GOOD boy. :bigsmile:

Puppy Training Log 03.25.10

I'm furious with Hunter and Simone!

Come-on're not babies anymore!!!!!

Last night, I felt Hunter get off the bed, but he did not try to wake me. He went downstairs. When he returned, wanting me to GET UP and lift him on the bed he smelled like POOP! Simmy followed him down, and since she can jump up on the bed on her own--she did. UGH!

Not only did one or both of them poo on the floor--they trampled through it...and brought it upstairs on their feet. I thought I would hurl! at around 3am, I had to get up, and clean off the dogs and the whole mess they made and spread around.

(2 straight minutes of swearing has been censored to avoid being removed from MOL).

Puppy training Log 03.27.10:

Well, Now the goal is to get Simmy under control when strangers come to the house.

A friend of mine stopped by Saturday afternoon, and she was out of control (like she used to act when I came home).

I'm starting a regiment of sitting and staying at the door (for Simmy, not me). Simmy is loosing her interest in regular dog cookies, so I'll have to go to cheese.

I am hoping a long walk today will calm Simmy down, since she's been more pushy with the beagles this weekend. If she doesn't calm down, I'll need to evict her from the bed sleeping. Her behavior might be a bully behavior and not just a "I'm feeling crazy and need to get out and about" behavior. We'll see.

Puppy Training Log 03.28.10:

Simmy is shaking her head and scratching her ears. I am going to try and get her to see the vet tonight. I would expect ear problems with the beagles, because, well, beagles have long ears that make getting infection easier. Simmy has tiny little ears, and her canals are exposed to the air, and so I'm a bit confused why she would have a problem and not the beagles.

Meanwhile, last night's sleep, was little to no sleep for me. If Simmy wasn't scratching, rubbing or whining, she was insistent to lay right on me--but she couldn't settle down. This way, that way, upside down, right side up. I think I might have actually passed out from extreme exhaustion around 3am. I was up at 5:30am, and in complete acceptance that no more sleep would take place--I got up to star the day.

If I didn't have a big meeting at 9:30 this morning, I would take her this morning.

Since her ears are not life threatening, she'll have to wait until tonight. I feel bad about that--but I need to keep my job in order to keep the dogs. I wish I worked where I lived--life in general would be so much easier.

When Simmy doesn't feel well, she's such a baby.

Puppy Abuse Log 03.30.10:

I'm a horrible mommy!

Poor Simone!!! She is in pain!!!!

Simone has a serious infection in her left ear, and slightly less serious in her right ear. The vet thinks this has been going on for some time. However, only Sunday night did she start shaking her head and rubbing her face against things. I smelled nothing unusual until Sunday night. Gross yellow liquidy stuff was coming out.

I am beating myself up wondering how I could not have noticed this before Sunday???? What kind of mommy can I be, if I can't tell my puppy is sick????

The vet cleaned what Simone could tolerate from her left ear and medicated the ear. I will attempt to medicate her ears tonight, and if I cannot, Simone will have to be sedated to have her ears flushed. We may have to go back Thursday morning. She hasn't allowed me to touch her ears, so medicating her ears will be a challenge.

Of course I raced home to check the condition of Hunter and Bella's ears. All is clean and fine. Bella and Simone are always rubbing heads and sleeping head to head, so I was worried.

I'm sick to my stomach about it. I still can't believe I didn't notice anything wrong.

Well, you did have an awful lot to distract you, with her training issues and the other dogs. Don't beat yourself up. You are taking care of it now, and probably if she had been in much pain before, you would have seen it. Is she taking any medication orally, or just topically?

Currently, I'm just going to try to get some medicine into her ear tonight.

The Dr said if I can do this successfully, her ears should improve rapidly. If not, we need to go a different route.

Good luck. I had to treat Mischa's ears for the first two weeks that we had him, and it was very challenging. He is an incredibly patient, gentle, sweet-natured cat, but by the end of the first week, he was politely telling me to go to hell when he saw me holding the bottle of the drops. I had to give it up, because I didn't want to ruin any chance of forming a good relationship with him. Fortunately, I had done enough of the heavy lifting for his ears to get better.

Poor Simmy. :sad:

Puppy Training Log 03.31.10

(LOL) I could keep the abuse headline according to Simmy.

Getting the drops into Simmy's ears is a rediculous task, or sneak-up, and tackle. I did manage to get them in, and today Simmy is playing and seems to be more tolerant of me touching her head and her ears.
I know her ears really hurt. She seems happier today, and she and Bella are playing as I write this.

So now it's a matter if time to see if the medicine works.

I'm laughing because Simone keeps bringing me socks, and I couldn't figure out where she was finding them until now. I'm home today (mental health day), and clearly I didn't close the drawer with my socks tight enough. (LOL)

She is so funny. I am glad she feels better, and I'll keep everyone posted on how her ears improve.

:rolling: Love the socks story. "Mommy, look what I found!" If she is happier today and more tolerant of you touching her head and ears, then the medicine is probably already working. Good luck!

Hi jeanneh - just wanted to let you know that this is one of my favorite blogs and I really enjoy reading. Go Simmy, Hunter, and Bella!

Puppy Training Log 04.01.10

Simone is getting better, so it doesn't look like we need to see Dr Rogers until next week for a check up.

First I want to publicly apologize to my neighbor Bill who tolerates Simmy's crazy behavior, and to say I will pay for the dry cleaning bill when you get it. I hope the stains come out. (No questions please).

Last night was a nutty night. I was home all day yesterday, so the dogs got more than their share of love and attention. They ate dinner early, and had a longer than normal walk afterwards. So, it was a surprise to all, when in the span of 30 seconds, Hunter vomited, Simmy Poo'd, and Bella Pee'd --in that order--by the front door.

Had I filmed this, I surely would have won on America's funniest home videos. I am attending to Hunter, and cleaning up, when my son spots pee, and my daughter spots the poo that had not been there but a moment earlier. SO I'm wondering..did the dogs conspire..if so, I imagine it went something like this...Bella being the leader of course.

"OK, she's ignoring us...lets each do something to get her attention, ready, 1, 2, 3...."

(deep sigh) I just don't remember Molly ever doing things like this. Until she was near death, she didn't mess in the house. I'm having one of those...1-dog-only fantasies right now.

Next week, the kids are each off in different directions and the dogs will be on a limited pee schedule during the day--lets see if they can manage it. I suspect they can...and will wait for me to get home to do anything really bad. The dog walker will be walking them later, the dogs will miss their 4pm walk, but I'll be home before 7:30pm.

I'm going to miss having the kids in the house. The house always seems sad when they are gone.

Puppy Training Log 04.02.10

I can now reveal the secret to getting the medication into Simmy's ears, and laugh while writing this.

Previously I have been sneaking up on her if she was quiet on the couch, and I could get a squirt or two in to 1 ear, and this went on during the evening until I could get 4 drops into each ear. Last night, as soon as she saw me with the bottle she would dart off, and race round and round.

Needless to say, I had to give up. It just wasn't going to happen.

I snuck the medication into the bedroom, hoping to get her as she settled in to go to sleep, but she spotted the bottle by the bed and took off and went to sleep downstairs.(LOL..she's more intelligent than I give her credit for sometimes).

In the night she returned to bedroom. So this morning, I woke up early, reached over, grabbed the bottle of medication, and before Simmy knew it I had 4 drops in each ear....HA! I had taken advantage of the fact--she's not a morning dog! I thought she would get up and run, but because she is NOT a morning dog, she merely rolled over away from me, let out a deep sigh of disappointment, and went back to sleep.

AND..I was able to hit the snooze 3 times before I had to get out of bed.

I found this very amusing. SO now, I know how to get all the meds in her ears. Maybe she thought it was just a dream.

Her ears look pretty clean today. She has stopped shaking her head or rubbing against things.


Simmy and I have something in common... I've also got an ear infection, so I can sympathize. But Mr. PeggyC has no difficulty getting those four drops into my ear. :wink:

Posted By: PeggyCBut Mr. PeggyC has no difficulty getting those four drops into my ear.

Peggy C! LOL..that's because he waits until you're fast asleep!

Feel better soon!!!

Posted By: jeannehPeggy C! LOL..that's because he waits until you're fast asleep!

Oh, wait... this could explain so many things... :shocked:

Posted By: jeannehFeel better soon!!!

Thanks. Same to Simmy! :bigsmile:

Puppy training Log 04.03.10

This weekend I hope to get the pups to the park.

I was able to get medicine into Simmy's ears again, with no problem. This time she actually rose to her feet, standing on the bed in protest, but since the deed was already done, she did a few twirls, and lay back down. I have to rub the meds into her ears, so I started to massage the medicine in and she liked it so much, she moved herself up into a little ball right at my pillows to get more massage.

All 3 dogs seem really happy lately. There is a calmness in the home that was lacking for many months. Last night I allowed them to play. Wrestling, and playing, without conflict, fighting, or needing a time out. This was a rare moment, first because I allowed the play in the house, and second, because it never escalated beyond gentle play between all 3 together.

All 3 dogs sat with me on the couch--no conflicts. My daughter laughed at Simmy, because she was sitting on a high pillow like Bella does, except Simmy's legs are long and gangly, and hang off awkwardly, while Bella fits on the pillows perfectly. Simmy had a huge smile on her face, and has had this smile for a day or so.

I think any concerns about her ears are behind us, as she is on a road to full recovery.

My son called last night from Washington DC, a bit homesick. He wants to come home Monday instead of Wednesday. I told him to give it a day or so--he might find he's having a nice time. Still, I feel bad for him.

Happy dogs, calm house, Yay! :boogie:

I wish I had thought to ask this sooner, but do you warm up the bottle in your hands before you put the drops in her ears? That might go a long way toward making it easier for her (and you).

Thanks PeggyC for rec to warm up the drops. I hadn't.

I have been sick, not posting my puppy training log for a few days.

One kid is on a mission trip in W. Virgina about an hour away from the explosion site on the news. The other kid arrived home early from Washington DC, and just in time to nurse me. I thought I would have some non-kid time alone with the pups, but we had only one night kid-less.

The dogs are enjoying my bedrest...esp SiMmy who thinks if she lays on top of me and drools that i should be better in no time.

I'll post more when I have the energy.

feel better soon!

(I :heart: Simmy, from afar)

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