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Maybe she didn't like the color? :tooth:

Maybe she wanted me to pay attention to her...or she didn't like the color, or she was bored with the bone and thought "hey, what if I pull on the floor a little..."

In the past few weeks, she has turned into a difficult dog. I'm cursed, since I pronounced her to be a mellow, WELL BEHAVED PUP. I was wondering why she wasn't tearing things up (like the beagles did). THEN...she ate some of the wall in the office (while I worked), unstuffed the couch pillow, while I sat and watched TV, and ate part of the fireplace mantle...when we were in the room...chewed a brace off the dinning room table...while we ate dinner, and now has torn the rug right off the floor...and shredded it...while I was almost asleep--but in the same room. All of this was with the ruse that she was chewing on her bone or a toy.

Does she do this type of thing when we are not home? NO!

Maybe she is chewing on things while you are there to assert her dominance over you? With the challenges toward your other dog, and the disrespectful behavior around you, it definitely sounds like she is challenging her place in the pack.

I have two large dogs, similar ages but joined the family at different times. They get along very well, but we do not tolerate them growling or snapping at each other (unless it is in play, which is very clear based on their postures, sounds, etc). We raised one dog from 8 wks, and in his "adolesence" he was challenging my husband by playing a little too agressively. Our trainer recommended hand feeding him, and tying his leash to my husband's belt so he was forced to be the follower. Maybe you could try that? Also maybe timeouts in a crate when she's chewing on something inappropriate?


I didn't know about the hand feeding. I will try it. She is so so gentle taking food--it's sweet.
We do tether her to us sometimes so we can keep an eye on her in the house.

I reluctantly have to use a Halti with her outside now. She took my 15 year old down the sidewalk...literally...poor 15 year old was not on her feet most of the drag.

The Halti has put a complete STOP to her drag and pull on leash. A few Times she has darted out after a cat--or something, and I just hold tight...quickly she is reminded...that is not tolerated. I'm not pulled over, or dragged at all.

I know I have a tough road ahead in the next few months, but I am committed to her training.

SIDE NOTE: I went through a similar situation with our boxer...she turned out to be a great dog. She passed away at age 12.

Jeanneh, it does sound as if you really have to reassert your position as the alpha dog before Simone takes over. She's testing boundaries, I suspect.

I feel your pain jeanneh. Our 10 month old Boxer/Pitt/Hound mix just ate all the mail today including my W2. I cannot believe I have to call HR tomorrow and explain that the dog ate my W2. Yesterday it was nasal spray and toilet paper when I turned by back to get cleaning supplies for the bathroom. The day before that she chewed a hole right through a blanket my mother made for me.

I can only imagine what destruction tomorrow will bring.

needtoskivt--last Year Bella (beagle) ate MY W2 right off the table and I had to call to get another too. If the person you get a hold of in HR has a dog--they will understand.

Bella was difficult, but small enough to easily handle. Simone can knock me down.

So sorry that this happened but it is the way of dominance--someone has to back down.

I wish I had advice to give you. I could tell you to favor the older dog--to ensure his dominance but if the pup is hell-bent on being the dominant one, that's the wrong way to go. If I had one tidbit to offer it would be to make it known that YOU are the Alpha not either of them... if you let them think that one or the other can be the boss, they will continue to fight. You may need professional advice.

BTW - I have a lab--about 85-90 lbs. of pure muscle. He understands that I am alpha (but don't tell my husband) and he has to take a role behind that. Every time he tries to assert his dominance, he needs to be taught who's the leader.

Wishing you well...

Day 5 of puppy training: nothing destroyed (yet)

Bella and Hunter are feeling left out.
Simone is getting one-on-one training, while the beagles sadly look through the baby gate..." that cheese?"

Last night wasn't bad at all. I play a toss game with Simone, where she catches different toys. She loves it. I make her stay in one place (the couch, or a spot on the floor). I'll throw the toys for catch until she moves or tries to take them before I throw it. Last night she was on the couch happily catching one after the other, and suddenly she pounced me--taking a toy right out of my hand. I ended the game abruptly.

After a bit of complaining from her (crying and pacing), she jumped back to her place on the couch...and the game started all over. I end each of these games with.."come on, let's get a cookie!"--to which--all 3 dogs race to the kitchen!

That game sounds like fun, jeanneh.

To add to the list of things destroyed by dogs -- while left alone out of his crate, one of my dogs ate through a small container of spackel, and you can only imagine the mess! It must have been peanut butter flavored. oh oh The good thing is that his stomach is made of cast iron.

I have a great "THE DOG DID WHAT?" story...

Two years ago I had radiant heat installed in the kitchen.

At the time, Hunter(Beagle) was still a young pup. He didn't need to be in his crate anymore when left alone--he was content to sit on the top of the couch and bark at stuff outside.

The concrete was being set, so my family and I left the house for a few hours. The contractor forgot to set the baby gate to block the dog from the kitchen up before he left.

When we arrived home, I could see through the front door glass that something wasn't right. My beautiful dark floors looked....grey.
Not only did we have grey floors, but the walls were splattered with grey.

Need I say more?

Oh..and the ceilling too

Oh jeanneh! THAT takes the cake. So sorry you had to deal with such a wreck in your home, on your nice wood floors, too! Not to mention walls and ceiling... : (
And this dog remains alive and breathing, you say? Downright Miraculous.

We laugh about it..and Hunter is THE NICEST, dog. I'm glad I didn't strangle him.

The contractor on the other hand is buried in the basement.:shocked:

Posted By: jeannehThe contractor on the other hand is buried in the basement.

I'm sure you ordered extra cement for this as long as you had to re-do the kitchen floor anyway... :rolling:

Day 6 Puppy Training: 2 toys destroyed beyond recognition, and a bit of paint chewed off the trim in the dinning room.

Last night was another night of training with cheese (beagles are jealous). Basically reviewing everything we learned in Puppy class at St Huberts. EVERYTHING!

Played catch a few times.
Simone tried to initiate play by shoving her raccoon at me a few times. I ignored her. Why--because "I" initiate the play time--not her.
She then tore up the poor raccoon--unrecognizable!, and while doing that she took a few nips at the trim in the dinning room for good measure. I caught her in the act. Used a strong "NO", and then redirected her to her raccoon..and initiated a little play with what was left it.

All and all not a bad day.

This morning Bella (small beagle) was starting to get nippy with Simone and I separated them both before it escalated. Nothing more to report.

Peggy C---of course! Any Glamour girl knows...when ordering cement, order enough to bury the contractor.

Day 7 Puppy Training: AMAZING changes in one week.

Simone is not allowed to sleep on the bed, but she has her own bed in the corner of our bedroom.
I have been consistent with not allowing her to exit the house without permission, and I always exit first.

AMAZING!!!!...she accepts she has her own bed. I say GO TO BED, and she goes directly to her own bed and lays down--no complaint. She did jump up twice before bed, but I easily got her down.

I have been using the WAIT command as we exit the house. I was getting frustrated that the WAIT, was not sinking in...but yesterday...she waited...and now today, she AUTOMATICALLY...WAITED without me asking. I exited the house...stood there for about 30 seconds and then released her from her wait.

I am encouraged by the changes in 1 week!

Sunday I will take her to town to test her on her short lead. She's been behaving GREAT on short lead (and Halti). Town will have many distractions, so it really will be a test.

Posted By: jeannehLog:
...the beagles sadly look through the baby gate..." that cheese?"

Posted By: jeannehLog
Last night was another night of training with cheese (beagles are jealous).

Jeanneh, I'm training my cat Ernie with treats and for what it's worth, when we are working it must be behind closed doors, not baby gates. There's no way he can focus with the others pining for his treats.

ps: Congratulations to Simone for waiting!


Day 8 Puppy Training: Nothing destroyed today

I meant to take Simone to town today, but ended up just taking her for a walk. Too many things to do added up to no time to train in town.

I've ordered red leather collars for all the dogs from the pet store, so next Saturday I'll take her with me to get them.

I want to publicly thank the nice man who helped me wrangle Hunter into my neighbors fenced-in yard.
I'm not sure how his leash detached from his collar. Both Collar and leash clip seem fine and in working order. Bella was with me, and chasing Hunter, and pulling Bella at the same time was a bit difficult.

It was frightening, yet funny all at the same time. I was horrified he would dart out into the road, but at the same time the glee in his eye as he circled both me and the good Samaritan howling and (if dogs could laugh)...laughing, made me laugh.

In only a few minutes we were close enough to our neighbors yard, which Hunter loves to play in, so I got all excited and ran toward the yard (taking a longshot that he would follow), and I was yelling like a crazy woman "Walter's. Walter's!". I can only image the man's thoughts who was helping me, because I seemed to have lost my mind and gone running across the street (away from my dog) yelling like a lunatic.

Hunter was so excited to go to Walter's yard, he forgot it had a fence.

All of this reminded me of my old boxer Molly, who was also a huge fan of Walter and his yard. AND, the hours chasing her around town (yes town) when she was a young escape artist. I'm sure if she was watching me from dog heaven today, she got a kick out of it.


Day 9 Puppy Training: Nothing Destroyed (yet)

This might be the first morning in a long while that all 3 dogs sleep past 6am.
I was able to sneak in a shower and get dressed before they realized I was up and moving around.

A MILESTONE for Simmy, who has an invisible alarm clock in her head set for 6:00AM (that's six, : zero, zero). I often wondered why I even bothered with my own electric alarm clock with her around.

Simmy will be 1-year old in 13 more days. Her birthday is Valentine's Day, which I think is quite fitting, since she's such a love.

We are working on not attacking the beagles when I come in the door now. I keep a toy just outside the main door, and when I enter I throw it for her. She returns to me with the toy in her mouth--and no-one gets nipped.
When she was smaller she would nip and tease--beagles and people-a-like when I came in the house. We called it nibbing--but that was only cute when she was small. Today's nibs cause black and blue marks. So, no more nibbing.

The cat still is contained to the basement, and is strictly monitored when she comes upstairs. I think Simone only wants to play with her, but is much too rough. When she was smaller she actually pulled poor kitty right of the dinning table and tossed her into the air like a toy. NOW, I am right there when Simone jumps for kitty, and I say GENTLE, GENTLE. She understands this to mean...bite very carefully--so I am going to have to find a new word which means--don't bite at all.


Day 10 Puppy Training: Simmy up at 5:30AM to make up for yesterday's sleep-in. 1 toy shredded while I made dinner.

Training continues with little baby steps of improvement.

more log later....


Day 11 Puppy Training: Snow Snow Snow! Oh how we love Snow!

It seems last night was a bit of a set back for Simone and her bad habit of attacking the beagles when I arrive home.
I am using an IGNORE HER method as soon as I come in, and tehn after I have taken off my coat and winter wear, I call her to me.
Last night I came in and IGNORED her, so she darted over to Hunter and started a fight. With Hunter--the fight ends fast because he grabs her face..and she backs down, but she kept up at "boxing him", until he lost his cool with her.

I have to find a way to stop the random attacks as I come through the door. Last night I forgot to have a toy set outside the door--so tonight I'll have John put a toy out there before I arrive home, and see if that helps.

The toy is simply redirecting her aggression. You need to do something positive that will eliminate the aggression.

Does Simmy get any exercise while you are at work all day? She is only one, and is still full of puppy energy. It is hard to contain all that, and then when "mommy " comes home, all that pent up energy has to go somewhere. Unfortunately she demonstrates a lot of status seeking behaviors, and beating up on the Beagles is just one of them.

Simone and the beagles have a mid day dog walker who does take each one out separately, so they each get a good walk mid day.

I walk all of them in the morning. I used to run with Simone when she was younger, but since I hurt my knee, the running is out.
The dog walker takes them mid afternoon.
Kids come home and are SUPPOSED to be walking them, at 3:30pm, but I think it's more of a around-the-yard walking.

6pm John takes Simone out--I'm going to have to ask him to actually WALK her, and not just let her run crazy around the yard on long lead (which I suspect is happening when I'm not there to supervise)

After eating dinner they all go out and walk down the street--same routine each night.

11pm is the last "out" before bed. Simone usually will run crazy on long lead, and I let her. I stay close to home late at night since the crazy fox incident.

I have to admit--the beagles tire-out easier than Simone does.

Is there a chance that the Beagles can be walked together and Simmy can have a longer---more challenging walk in the middle of the day.

Do you have a basement that you could take Simmy after your last walk? On days like this, when I am home or sick, I give Gracie an opportunity to run laps around the basement before bed. When she is in the yard without me, she just sort of wanders, does her business and wants to come back in. But If the weather is bad or we don't get our yard time, she loves playing and running around the basement! It is safe and enclosed, the floor (since my basement is unfinished) is concrete, so it offers a good surface on which to run (much better than my hard wood floors) You have to remember that Simmy's energy will always be higher than the Beagles a0 because she is younger and 2) because of the breed differences. So it is probably not enough to give her the same amount of exercise.

Also you might want to pick up Patricia McConnell's book (not much more than a pamphlet, really) Feisty Fido You can purchase it on her website or on the Dogwise site:

Thanks for the tips. I'll try anything at this point.

My basement is the cat's safe place. I don't allow the dogs into the basement. Poor kitty is in danger with Simone, so I have given her a dog-free zone to be comfortable in. Before Simone, the beagles didn't even pay attention to kitty--so kitty had free rein over the house.

I do take Simmy to my neighbor's fence-in yard when I can (at lest 2x a week), so she can free-run. Our house is also set up for some great dog romping. I never brought much new furniture into the house after I divorced--which gives the house that minimalistic look--no rugs, no coffee table, no side tables, or standing lamps.and a great circle-8 run from the living room to the dinning room. Every once in a while I think I should have one of those house decorating shows come in and re-do the whole house.


Day 12 Puppy training: 1 toy desimated--can't tell what it was, and a piece of the window shade--found on the floor in itty-bitty pieces.

Saturday, snow or shine, I'm going to have to treck into town and get some new toys to destroy.

Last night John walked Simone right before I got home, and also left her beaver toy outside the door. When I came in she headed over to jump on Hunter, when I showed her the beaver toy-- she wanted that. Once in her mouth, she did not nip, or box any person or dog.--she got a cookie!

Once I gave every dog a cookie--everything was calm.

Will do the same thing tonight.


Day 13: Puppy Training; The toy at the door is working!

Last night I arrived home and opened the door. Simmy was right there to greet me, and I gave her a toy. She pranced around showing everyone her prize, but did not attack them, or nip, box, or jump. A minute later, we all (dogs and me) went into the kitchen for a cookie. Everyone sat nice, no nipping, no fighting and each had a cookie.

After--all was calm.

If this is what works--this is what I will do. Eventually I'll try to eliminate the toy part, and just give out cookies once I'm ready.

I am not looking forward to the snow, as both girl dogs hate it, and do not want to go outside to do business if it's raining or snowing. They are such princesses! Bella especially!

Bella seems to have a scar on her right ear from the dog fight a few weeks ago--not going away. Her modeling career is foiled!

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