Optimum/Altice or Verizon Fios

Been with Optimum for 25 years but last month's increase of $42 was the proverbial straw that broke the camel's back. My bill is over $200 with nothing special--no HBO, Showtime or anything and only 300Mbps internet. Made an appointment with Verizon but read some horror stories about service/customer service. Should I switch to Verizon or try to negotiate with Optimum? Not fond of having the big fios box outside my house but previous negotiation attempts with Optimum were not successful. Another option is for me to cancel and have my adult daughter sign up for Optimum as a new customer. They only value their new customers, not the old ones.

I have never had to deal with Verizon in the 12 years I have had it here.  I think it has gone out once, for about an hour.

Of Optimum, you wrote, "They only value their new customers, not the old ones."  I can assure you that the same is true of Verizon/FIOS.  Like car insurance, the only way to get a good rate is to switch vendors occasionally.  What a stupid business model.

I used to work in the industry (regulatory end). Both have good products, both are lacking being able to be polite to their customers. I would say that Verizon edges out Optimum for their product, but a little less for their customer service. If you have Verizon for your cell phones though, you may be able to get a $10 a line discount if you bundle. Just make sure you've done your homework, don't let them tell you what you want. 

Thanks, all. I tried once more with Optimum and could only get $20 off, so I'm going with Verizon. At least I got a far better price ($70 less/mo. than Optimum's best offer) and I did get another $10 for having their cell service. Good to know that they have reliable service. Still, it's so frustrating to have to switch vendors to get a decent deal. I guess I'll be going through this again in another few years. 

I have had both, and believe that FIOS is a much faster, more reliable product than that which optimum provides. I'm now stuck with Optimum and miss FIOS every day. 

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