President Carter: Cancer free!

When I saw President Carter's picture as the lead on, I feared the worst.  Turns out, some good news:

Please note this is NOT posted in the Politics section. grin

What?? i don't know how that's even possible, as the initial reports sounded so dire... but what remarkable news!! 

Granted, at 91 already he won't be around forever, but we certainly need him as long as we can have him.

I don't remember the last time I saw good news about anything. Maybe there is karma in this world.

I think I'm most impressed by the fact that he can pronounce "pembrolizumab"

Carter is voted out of office and builds houses for the needy

Some one up there likes him

So nice to hear this.   I feel just a bit better knowing he's around and ok.

Am I the only one who is skeptical about this?

It seems very unlikely, but at his age, it's likely something else will kill him before the cancer re-emerges. But I'm pleased there is no sign of it now.

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