SNOWSTORM Relief Alert! Sign up for FREE Fratboy Shoveling!

Hi, folks. It's still not too late to sign up for FREE snow shoveling by the brothers of Seton Hall's Alpha Sigma Phi fraternity. Again this year, they hope to tackle 20 homes in South Orange each time Snow Amounts warrant, so if you're a Senior South Orange homeowner who's interested...

Call Chris Auer, Sigma Phi's outreach coordinator, at 973-459-2577, or email him at


That's adorable. Sort of makes me wish I were a senior in South Orange. smile

Sort of makes me wish they could expand into Maplewood.

Maybe other SHU groups will get motivated, but who knows? Last year, another SHU frat offered to work with Alpha Sig on this project, but they were a no-show.

So... Major props to these 30+ undergrads who'll be digging you out this weekend; Please offer them your own snow shovels (to be returned when they leave your house), and bottled water. It's hard, hot, thirsty work...


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