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RAID and backups are not to be confused with each other. RAID makes several disks act as one. That's the opposite of having many disks. You make backups because of fires, floods, theft, or human errors. Having the data online exactly as you last modified it is not enough. You need to revert to previous versions. The only thing that lets you do that (other than online snapshots, which is another topic) is backups. The more distinct backups you have, the better your chances of retrieving what you need.

Use Time Machine on backup 1 for a week or a month and don't use backup 2. Then use Time Machine backup 2 for a week or a month and don't use backup 1. Use SuperDuper on backup 3 periodically, but the interval is probably not important.

Got it thanks. I'm equating RAID and backups as the same thing. Thanks for clarifying.

Each 6TB backup will be partitioned into the following: 2TB samples backup, 2TB Archives, 500GB Bootable HD, 500GB Time Machine. 1TB for "Current" storage and anything extra. I'm planning for two backups (in addition to Crashplan online). I also have my "older" backup drives, but I plan on using that for my laptop and other things.


That's all way too complicated! Let's talk on the phone.

Haha. Okay, just left you a voicemail. grin

I agree with Tom about the over complication!

For instance, you mention 'Archives' and 'Current' being on a backup drive, so there's some potential breakdown in your method there. Add to that you have three different backup/imaging systems that you need to keep tabs on. Lots of different partitions.

It's enough to make your head spin. The simpler a system is the more likely it will actually work when needed. If something is too fussy it can be way too easy to forget to do something and not notice until it's too late.

Being super robust sounds good, but it needs to be easy to manage or it won't be managed effectively.

How do you suggest I make things easier? Here's what I need to backup:

Virtual Music Samples (2TB)
Archives (music projects, documents, personal, etc.) (2TB)

I also want to have at least one bootable drive, in case of an emergency. And one Time Machine, in case I need an older version of a file.

As I said I'm somewhat paranoid, so having two backups helps me rest easier.

I thought that combining on one drive (with partitions) will make things more compact and easier. Hmmm.

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