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I know a Rona who moved here from Sydney a couple of years ago... oh oh Probably not the same person though.

Oh my heavens! I must be projecting that 'ageless sex-deprived' vibe!!

Walking through the local shopping mall today, trying to get the groceries quickly before the migraine totally wrecked my brain, I was confronted by one of the gentlemen fron this publication, asking if I'd like to support charity...


(I had to run into my favourite Flower boutique to splutter 'how desperate do I look today?' Then we all giggled... All the 'senior' women were being chatted up, not so much the younger mums with kids still on school holidays)

The Aussie Wellbeing Index results were just released. Quite revealing: it seems just three indicators need to be 'going well' for us to feel life is good. I was really surprised by detail of how we measure each indicator, which level feels 'wrong', which State or city is more content and why:

Well, I have had boosts quite recently in all the areas they call key, so here's hoping my spirits rise! grin

Doing the Happy Dance with you! question

I was surprised to read 55+ age group are generally more content, but carers are as not-content as prisoners and people with disabilities. Also, that apparently we as a nation don't want to live in huge busy cities.

Big busy cities are a real conundrum to me... The fact that there is more public transportation and SO much right at your doorstep, plus world-class medical care, should make them no-brainer a for the elderly. Yet I know very few older people who want the crowds, noise, hustle and bustle, and ruckus that come with cities. I would rather poke myself in the eye with a sharp stick than go back to city living.


One of my clients returned to Club yesterday, after a short hospital stay for 'female issues'. Scary to deal with all this in your late 80s, but she's a tough bird... She couldn't wait to tell me her war stories once she realised we have the same gynae! oh oh tongue rolleye oh oh

Ooooooh!  smile Have just discovered this neat website, with all kinds of conversation starters

Lots of WWYD scenarios, and 'how should we plan....?' The man behind it is an academic and administrator in Aged Care, for Victoria Australia; the issues are universal. 


My professional Network had our last Breakfast for year yesterday. Of course that meant bringing along a Secret Santa gift, budget set at $10 or less. Most of us are women but there are a couple of men who attend as regularly as they are able,miso not all the gifts are candles, or soap/hand cream sets. Santa can get quite creative, especially when it's a heatwave. 

My gift is a in three parts. Very thoughtful, especially in our industry. I can't wait to shiatsu with my work colleagues tomorrow!

* 1 pack of disposable toilet seat covers (Elyse brand)

* 3 packs of wipe on Sex Appeal pheromones ( note that this product has not been tested on animals!)

* 1 pack portable bidet (Sense brand*)

 oh oh 

truly, it's funny! And the portable bidet is very expensive, and very useful. 

Our Secret Santa was not an assigned-gift round: you bought gifts, and placed them on a table when you arrived. Later the facilitator and a helper distributed the parcels.

The running joke here is that whenever you go on outings with our clients, you have to plan around the Toilet Map. Yes, there is an online Toilet Map of Australia, which the federal government funds as part of its fight against various cancers. Of course, once you get to the public facility, you may not find sufficient toilet paper for your client's needs...hence the gift of the portable bidet. From the social worker at The Bidet Shop. 

They've updated the site since I've last visited! 

I'm just messing with you. ;-) smile

yeah, but one of my colleagues couldn't wait to take two packs of the sex pheromones off my hands (so to speak) for her Big Weekend!  oh oh  oh oh 

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