The 1/6 Committee Hearings

One thing I learned - Nancy Pelosi is one cool customer, don't f*ck with her, ever. 

And T****s email an hour after the hearing:

Save America President Donald J. Trump - The Only Official Emails from Donald J. Trump


Football season is HERE, and we have BIG news to share with YOU.

President Trump designed a
and told our team that he wants to HAND-SIGN it for YOU.

This priceless collector’s item is the FIRST OFFICIAL TRUMP HELMET EVER MADE (and maybe the last?). It’s evident that you are one of President Trump’s most consistent and loyal supporters, so he knew you deserved this EXCLUSIVE opportunity BEFORE ANYONE ELSE.

When you donate, not only will you be entered to win this ONE-OF-A-KIND Trump Helmet that was HAND-SIGNED, but every single dollar will go directly towards our efforts to help America First Republicans WIN in November.

Your donation is needed now more than ever. We might not restore President Trump’s majority without you.

Friend, your EXCLUSIVE EARLY ACCESS offer will be available until 11:59 PM TONIGHT. After that, this opportunity will be released to the next group of Patriots on our list. Don’t wait to enter.

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