Welcome to Kitten Season 2016

The much-feared (by this poster) kitten season is upon us. I got the call Sunday from someone looking to place into foster a friendly mom and her hours-old four kittens. The very appreciative mother (the rescue named her "Magic") and her litter are now comfortably ensconced in a crate in my dining room. 

For those of you interested in watching their development, follow this thread.  Fostering a newly-minted family like this lasts about eight weeks but it's a pretty easy eight weeks because mom does all the heavy lifting. Presenting the Magic family (you can see the profile of one tucked against her belly):

Looking forward to this thread!

Let's try posting the pictures

So, you think people will not be motivated to vote in a Trump vs. Clinton presidential election?  

Please don't tell me you think there's not much difference between the two.  

While Clinton is far from a perfect candidate, I'll crawl through glass to vote for her over Trump.  I think plenty of people will feel the same.  I'd like to believe you would feel the same.

some connection here? cool cheese 

FilmCarp said:

trump needs a kitten?

Perhaps this one?

Every man is cuter when they have a kitten.


Oy, how did that happen?????? I apologize for my carelessness in posting to the wrong thread.

I like kittens!

Hey Emmie, I bet this wasn't what you were expecting.  It sure isn't what I was expecting!

bigben_again said:

Hey Emmie, I bet this wasn't what you were expecting. It sure isn't what I was expecting!


marylago said:

bigben_again said:

Hey Emmie, I bet this wasn't what you were expecting. It sure isn't what I was expecting!

<img src=)">

Right! Okay, so lets see mommy and sweet babies! Maybe just start a new blog under a different but similar title.

emmie said:
marylago said:

bigben_again said:

Hey Emmie, I bet this wasn't what you were expecting. It sure isn't what I was expecting!

<img src=)" src="/res/static/common/plugins/redactor/emoticons/1.0/images/21.gif" unselectable="on">

Right! Okay, so lets see mommy and sweet babies!

Look closely at the picture and you can see a little tail curled up next to Mom.

Oh how sweet, totally missed that the first time!

I hope we don't see too many of these threads...

If you look to the right of that tail, you'll see a kitten in profile facing toward the tail. They all have very dark coloring. I think two are totally black (unless I keep pulling out the same one and checking on him/her), one is black with a white jaw and maybe some lightness around the eyes, and one has a shock of tortoise shell on the forehead.  At the moment they're just tiny perfect little blobs of fur. They aren't what you'd consider particularly adorable or interesting yet but somehow these helpless creatures amaze me every time.

I repeat, fostering kittens who have a mother cat is super easy. Motherless kittens, not so much.

And "Cats", your last post? Amen, sister. Amen.

This particular cat was given to a friend of mine who was searching a neighborhood for a different cat. She approached a man to ask if he had seen the object of her search and the guy said, "No but I have another cat for you". His family pet. He handed Magic over and an appointment was made to have her spayed yesterday. The litter must have gotten wind of their imminent demise so they made their break Sunday, in the nick of time. Magic is a smart, sweet, affectionate cat; a good mother who warns off any feline lookers with a growl but is exceptionally gentle with people. 

So let's hope when the kittens are the right age to find homes, Magic will also be very adoptable and find a wonderful home where someone will have her neutered and not just give her away to a stranger on the street. Magic got lucky, if you ask me.


Oh, Magic will be spayed, tested and fully vetted before she finds a permanent home. As will her kittens.


You can see a kitten or two at the bottom of the frame. Even with a mom to do the feeding, sometimes seemingly healthy kittens don't grow and survive.  You can usually tell after a few days because the siblings are noticeably larger but at that point, it's kind of too late. By day three, they're gone. 

The smartest thing to do is to weigh them every morning to make sure they're putting on weight. I searched around for the scale Morganna gave me a bunch of years ago but it's MIA. Will have to bring a postal scale home from work today. Hope I'll be able to tell them apart!

As I sit here, I can occasionally hear some kitten cries. Awfully adorable.

Well, Calli, maybe your kitty can use a friend when the time comes (kittens weaned).

bigben_again said:

Oh, Magic will be spayed, tested and fully vetted before she finds a permanent home. As will her kittens.

I was in no doubt about that! I'm just hoping her pleasing, mellow personality makes someone snap her up really fast when the time comes. Sometimes it can be hard to place the mother cat.

Cats, please don't tempt me----if (and at this point it is a BIG IF) I bring another cat in,  I am afraid it will have to be a big ,dark male (N) tabby.  I kind of went against my own rule when I brought Timmy in (and I was told that he and Charlotte peaceably co-existed )  but they looked nothing like each other except for the long coat.  And truthfully, I am a little gunshy. In the past week, without Timmy to terrorize her, Charlotte has become a different cat.  I understand she may never take to Gracie (and that makes me sad, because Timmy and Gracie did play together) but she is so much more relaxed and affectionate.   But, I do love black cats...

Just because Charlotte didn't get along with Timmy (who apparently had issues with everyone) doesn't mean she won't take to a different cat. But I understand being gun-shy. It is tough to move past an awful experience like that, so give yourself some time before you try again... If you do try again.


That is all.

At the Magic Cafe, the menu never changes. Nor does the clientele for that matter. But nobody seems to mind. 

Today's weights: 3.7 through 4.0. One of the kittens was protesting loudly on the scale. Magic came over to see what all the ruckus was about and went straight back to attending her brood when it was over. She's probably the sweetest mom I've ever fostered.

Can you see all four kittens?

Also, check out her paw. It's stretched to full position because she is kneading the blanket and the air. A sign of complete contentment.

Why did I open this tread .. I knew I was going to fall in love with the kitties !!  rolleyes 

Bigben you know I'm going to come over and check them ou .. Can't help it !!  smile 

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