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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

Could you enlighten us? TIA

No, but, oh, how I wish I could.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

mtierney said:

It seems liberals don’t have an issue with Biden rewriting his past, forgetting the present, or regularly calling his Veep President Harris. But is he signaling his inner need to step aside?

if so, we all (liberals, progressives, centerists, and Republicans, MOLers, et al) are in serious trouble.


Eh. It's not a big thing. The last President kept telling his supporters he won a Man Of The Year award from Michigan, which wasn't real, rambled about blowing up airports during the revolutionary war, still tells anyone who will listen to him that he won the 2020 election (talk about forgetting the present), and called his Veep Mike Pounce, so swings and roundabouts really.

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Discussion: The Uncaged Bird - Winter

It's Spring if I say It's Spring!

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Discussion: MOL Tip Jar

Done, and very happy to do so. 

MOL has meant the world to me, lo these many years, and I am  so grateful for the friendships that came into being, the sage advice that was gleaned, the timely weather reports from Max & WxNut, and the hours of entertainment that this board has provided.

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Discussion: Poll: Best Representation of MOL

michaelgoldberg said:

Poll: which image best represents MOL?

1) Because someone needs to pull the plug

2) Because it jumped the shark many years ago

3) Because it was fun a long time ago, but now it's just sad

4) Because it got its **** kicked by Facebook

Thanks Michael - nice to have you back!

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Discussion: Random landscapes

Ice flow on the Delaware, 1/12.

Former mill in Bucks County, Pa.

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Discussion: Likely Storm Sunday 1/16 - Mon 1/17: Weather Manner of Precipitation is This?

There is still a great deal of uncertainty about the upcoming storm this weekend. The main energy for the storm is still offshore in the Pacific, where it is difficult to measure. By this afternoon we should have on shore readings. We will have a much better grasp of what is happening by tomorrow.

As of now, the storm looks like an Appalachian runner, tracking from south to north with the center passing to our west in Pennsylvania. We are seeing an inch to even an inch and a half of water. Uncertainty about the storm's actual track means we don't know the tempurature profile, so as a result we don't yet know the form the precipitation is likely to take. If the track shifts east, the mix could be more snow than rain.

If the current model consensus holds, we could see a quick dump of heavy snow Sunday night that changes through sleet to rain by Monday morning. It could run back through sleet to snow before ending late Monday. This is very speculative. Anyone giving you a more concrete forecast at this point is talking through their hat.

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Discussion: Poll: Best Representation of MOL

ml1 said:

Why not?

If people want to be ****, they can go to FB or Nextdoor. 

Instead of comparing MOL to the Facebook, he could just put the original discussion on the SOMA Lounge, right?

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: “Awoke” in the Land of Nod

the claim was NOT that Jan 6 was the most direct attack on Congress since the Civil War. 


Funny, coming from someone who couldn't be bothered to comment on the anniversary of the most direct attack we've seen on the constitution since 1861.

the sentence clearly says "the constitution."

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Discussion: What da hell ---

marksierra said:

And to put that into a North American context, that's 123.26 degrees Fahrenheit!

KarenMarlowe and I would like you to be more precise.

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