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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

That’s not universal health care. 
Universal health care is when everyone in a particular nation is covered by public health policy and care - free or low cost if necessary - especially in order to keep population health costs down. Because this encourages the practice of preventive health care, rather than ‘just in time’ or (even worse) the treating of adverse health events only and only when citizens can afford it.

I’m proud to point out that, depending on circumstances, UK and US citizens visiting Australia can access our universal health programs as visitors to the country. Not in all cases, but some. And you don’t have to attend a hospital for most things; a friendly neighbourhood general practice should be able to assist you. 
For my cancer treatment, I just paid busfares. 
With my current broken arm, which required ambulances, surgery, 24 hours in hospital, multiple scans and X-rays, and physical therapy, I’m just paying busfares. 
What’s wrong with universal health????

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

mtierney said:

Try to really imagine a universe in which each and every individual receives medical care —  free, mostly, but those who can pay in,  I imagine, will be complaining. 

Why should it not be an aspiration for every person to have access to health care? 

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Discussion: Bob Menendez is Corrupt

paulsurovell said:

Kyle Jasey, CHS grad and son of retiring local Assemblywoman Mila Jasey, announced his candidacy against Menendez in August:



I believe that our current representative’s multiple scandals make him unfit to serve

But of course inexperienced nepotism is the absolute last thing that we need.  

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Discussion: Twitter is a Private Company

terp said:


Text Editor, actually.

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Discussion: Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

Less well-known fact about McCallum was that he recorded a few albums in the 60s, too (not usually as a vocalist, but as a musician and conductor. On one of those albums, titled Music: A Bit More of Me, the second from last track is called The Edge.

It was sampled by Dr. Dre for his collab with Snoop Dogg "The Next Episode"

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

mtierney said:

Only held first meeting last month..one of the goal is universal health! UNIVERSAL!


This is not the first meeting of the IOM, which was established in 1951.

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Discussion: The Rose Garden and White House happenings: What does 2024 portend?

mtierney said:

I am reporting hard facts only, don’t kill the messenger, it doesn’t solve or alleviate the immigration problems, unless it truly makes bystanders feel better?

Edited to add:the US-Mexico border, the deadliest land route for migrants, according to the International Organization for Migration recent report, at least 686 deaths were recorded there last year.

More from that report:

“These numbers reflect the fatal consequences of the lack of safe and regular mobility options. IOM works with governments and stakeholders in the Americas to develop regular, safe and dignified pathways for migrants. Addressing the root causes of irregular migration, enhancing humanitarian assistance, and providing better protection for vulnerable groups are essential steps in safeguarding the lives of migrants seeking a safer future.”

The report also says the 686 recorded deaths were a 6 percent decline from the previous year (though still high compared with even earlier years).

If it’s all the same to you, mtierney, I’ll try to stick with fact messengers who pick up the context, too, and don’t let themselves get carried away so easily, or so eagerly.

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Discussion: What does Putin want (and whatabout it)

nohero said:

paulsurovell said:

How about -- in your own words -- do you agree that the US and Russia had a strong alliance in World War II?

It was such a "strong alliance" that, instead of letting Russia shift its military focus to Japan and ending the war that way, the U.S. dropped the atomic bombs in order to keep the Soviet Union from making any gains there, and to intimidate them. 

Noam Chomsky – Was the Bombing of Hiroshima Necessary? - YouTube

OMG.  Don't bring Chomsky into this discussion. 

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Discussion: How to open locked iPhone

Or you can just wait for the next spam call…

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