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Discussion: Bring Out Your Dead! The celebrity death thread....

She worked hard for justice, for the American people, and for the eternal principles of good ethics and good law. May her memory be a blessing, and an inspiration for all.

Like the Judges of old, may her memory teach us wisdom, fairness and lifelong learning. 
A loss for the world. 

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Discussion: Amateur homesteading

She still has four, and we’ve found some in the bedding on the floor.  She was rolling them a lot and I think was just losing count

Here is proud poppa. He’s not looking hIs very best at the moment since they’re all molting.  His name is Russel Crow, because he‘s pretty to look at but can be a real *** sometimes  :))

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Discussion: World events are diverse and daunting; seeking good news amidst the bad

Not for nothing, but the Trojan Horse was welcomed into Troy by its leaders, despite warnings.

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Discussion: Did you get your mail-in ballot?

DaveSchmidt said:  All registered voters will be sent a vote-by-mail ballot. Ballots will be mailed beginning September 28th.

 The Day of Atonement is an apt day for mailing ballots for this election.

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Discussion: World events are diverse and daunting; seeking good news amidst the bad

I’m pretty sure no one died of Russia, or impeachment. If the President was too busy to see COVID-19 coming, perhaps he shouldn’t be President anymore.

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Discussion: World events are diverse and daunting; seeking good news amidst the bad

mtierney said:

Shoes, boots, whatever the news of the day is here ...

 Meanwhile,  the CDC makes yet another whoops! Remember when masks were not necessary...when we washed our mail and sprayed Lysol on our veggies? There have been a number of such conflicting statements over the last several weeks. 

Finding a vaccine should not be a competition, nor a political coup, but must be accomplished sanely and safely. 


There was no whoops. Only political pressure from Trump to ignore science, as usual.

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Discussion: The Social Dilemma

This is a must see for anyone using social media.  


Of course there will be critics of the film, but it is fascinating that their goal is to keep you on their platform and algorithms are feeding you what you want to see and they know what will trigger you to engage and when to deliver the trigger.

Perhaps down the road people will start using our platform for their personal communities to get a bit off the grid.  We will always be algorithm-free.   :-)

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Discussion: Random landscapes


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Discussion: Ceiling Fan Installation

drummerboy said:

Well, I would think that any installation that has held solid for ten or twenty years is probably OK.

 You've never opened a ceiling  box full of old wires and had the insulation crumble in your hand, have you?

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Discussion: Arrr, ‘tis almost our most precious day! Aha!

Morganna said:

Klinker said:

 The definitely need pirate names!!!!

 Hey Klinker! How is life in the frozen north? 

 We are in BC so it is more smokey than chilly.  In general, however, it is great.  The pandemic is controlled here to the point where we can do a lot of things that we probably wouldn't be able to do in the US.  Food is amazing.  People are super nice.  I've had time to reconnect with family that I haven't really hung out with in any sustained way since we were all kids.

That said, seeing what is happening in the US is just soul crushing.  People here fear that it will spill over into Canada. I fear for the friends and family that we left behind.  Arghhhh!!!! ;)

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